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Avengers Assemble! We had so much fun as some of Earth’s mightiest heroes with our Avengers family costume Halloween theme!! Avengers Family CostumesWe LOVE doing family costume themes for Halloween! It’s become one of my most favorite family traditions and I’m totally rolling with it for as long as the boys are into it! Some of our favorite themes in the past include a Star Wars family theme, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Monsters University, and more! Even though the boys haven’t seen any of the Avengers movies (or any live-action Marvel films) yet, they are still BIG into superheroes. And such Mr. Mom Endeavors and I are such big MARVEL fans, this was the perfect choice!! In fact, we had some costumes from a fun Avengers Party campaign we had done before. So the boys were begging to do a whole family superhero theme with them! So that’s what we did! And they were THRILLED! It was a little tough for my husband and I to decide who to be. I really wasn’t feeling Black Widow (what with all the tight, black lycra and all). The boys though quickly determined that Mr. Mom Endeavors should be Hawkeye. And we came up with the Scarlet Witch for me! We did a mix of store-bought, closet-shopping, and full DIY creations to complete our Avengers family theme! So, here’s the run down on our costumes (with some affiliate links included)!

Avengers Kids Costumes – Hulk, Iron Man, & Captain America

As you can see, the boys went as Hulk, Iron Man, and Cap – with store bought costumes and accessories (that we had acquired over the years). With Thor: Ragnarok in theaters 11/3/17 and Avengers 3 in theaters 5/18, you can bet that you’ll be able to find some Avengers related costumes in stores this year! But, you can always try Amazon as well! A quick search just showed some similar options there – both for costumes and accessory items!

Avengers Kids Halloween CostumesNeedless to say, they had a blast and really got into their characters! So much fun – I LOVE these photos!

DIY Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch Costumes Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch Costumes

HA! These photos are hilarious! We were giving it our best acting jobs! 😉 I went with the Scarlet Witch, because it was something I could fairly easily “shop my closet” to do! We found this awesome old red suede jacket that was my grandma’s and it fit! It’s not a perfect cosplay match, but it worked well enough and spurred the whole costume idea for me! Then, all you need is a black skirt, black shirt, and black boots – all things I had in the closet. To complete the look, I painted my nails black, added jewelry reminiscent of hers, and did the black wrist cuffs by cutting the bottoms out of black dress socks! Then, I got some red tulle to make the red energy she creates to really complete the look! Simple DIY Avengers Hawkeye Costume

Then, there’s Mr. Mom Endeavors’ Hawkeye costume. This was our DIY costume – and I LOVED the way it turned out!! Since the post is already quite long, I plan to do a better tutorial post on this! But to give you an idea now, this was completely NO-sew and the shirt is made with duct-tape!!!!! It was SO easy to do. We altered the cheapest decent looking plastic archery set I could find and made it look better with black duct-tape. We DIY’d a quiver and some additional arrows. Then, I made the Hawkeye top with a purple t-shirt and duct tape. We cut an old, black dress sock for the arm guard and cut a dollar store glove to create the bow glove thing! EASY! Then, I bought a could yards of black elastic and buckles to add to his black pants (just regular old black work pants), making them look more “tactical”. Easy, inexpensive, and looks great! DIY Hawkeye CostumeThe boys were SOOOOO excited about this! And, I love that they have a dad who is willing to have fun & do costumes like this!  It was such a fun Halloween night and a great costume theme for this all-boy family! Family Avengers CostumesAnd, with Avengers: Infinity War coming out in May 2018, this is SUCH a great group theme as there are SO many characters – all of the ones we did, plus the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Spider-Man, Thor, Falcon, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, etc. You could do such a totally awesome big group theme with this! Happy costuming!

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