Dyeing Easter Eggs – 20+ Creative Ideas

Easter egg dyeing is one of my favorite family traditions this time of year! I can’t believe I have NO pictures of it! Couldn’t find a single one! 🙁 Boo! So, I’m going to remedy that this year. In addition to actually snapping some photos this year, I’d like to get a little creative with the egg dyeing. Sure, we’ve used stickers and crayon. But, I’d like to branch out a bit more. So, I rounded up 20+ ways to get extra creative with Easter egg dyeing this year!

20+ Dyed Easter Egg Ideas

So many great options, right?! If you need a non-egg edible Easter egg idea, then check out the fun avocado eggs we made! Avocado Easter Eggs

And, if you need something to do with the ever-popular (but not so visually appealing) plastic Easter eggs, then you could always try an easy paper mache method! 🙂

What is YOUR favorite way to decorate Easter eggs?

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  1. Carol Dee says

    Thanks, I want to try several of these. But NOT the yucky avacado ones. :Q ( Guess avacados are a love ’em or hate ’em thing!)

    • Sara @MomEndeavors says

      Haha, Carol! That’s one of my favorite posts this year! 🙂 My mother-in-law (also from the midwest) doesn’t like them either! Guacamole is seriously DIVINE, so I can’t image not liking avocados! 😉 Have fun with the rest of the ideas though!

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