Curious George Snack Ideas

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Little Curious George fans will LOVE snacking on this special monkey treat while they watch their favorite show!
Curious George Snack IdeasDo your kids love Curious George? My boys do! They’ve all loved watching the shows! It’s been a preschooler favorite around here for years! So, I’m thrilled to partner with Hulu to share our fun Curious George snack ideas and some exciting news!

You can now watch your favorite monkey anytime, as he swings onto Hulu!! All 9 seasons (108 episodes) of Curious George, as well as the animated film Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey are now streaming ONLY on Hulu. To celebrate, we made a fun Curious George inspired snack. You can snack on a tasty Curious George sandwich and some “monkey munch” while watching the show! It would be perfect for a Curious George party too! Curious George LunchIsn’t it SO cute?! My boys were SO excited about this! You really could enjoy this as a fun meal anytime or even a tasty snack idea! To make your own Curious George sandwich, you’ll need 2-3 pieces of bread, chocolate hazelnut spread, sandwich filling of choice (peanut butter & jelly, chocolate spread & jelly, peanut butter and banana, etc), 1 large marshmallow, and 2 raisins.

You’ll start by cutting the crusts off 1 piece of bread and shaping it so it somewhat resembles George’s face. Use that as the top piece of the sandwich and cut a second piece. Make the sandwich with whatever ingredients you like, then get to decorating!

Making a Curious George Sandwich To decorate, put the chocolate spread on the bread so that it resembles the shape of George’s fur around his face. Then cut ears out of the bread leftovers (or a new piece) to attach to the side of his face. To add eyes, snip a thin layer off the end of a marshmallow. Shape to desired size and add raisins for pupils. Then, put a little chocolate spread in a baggie or piping bag with just a tiny bit cut off the tip, then pipe on the nose and mouth. And, that’s it! Now you have an adorable monkey sandwich!!

If you want, you can serve the sandwich up with some simple “monkey mix”  – a combination of banana chips, raisins, and nuts! YUM! Curious George Food IdeaSO fun!!! Would YOUR little monkeys enjoy this Curious George snack?! 

I bet they would! So, let us know if you make this for them! We’d love to hear! And, in the meantime, be sure to check out Hulu for all the episodes of Curious George. As with all Kids programming on Hulu, Curious George streams commercial-free. Hulu-KeyArtFor those not familiar, Hulu is the streaming destination for the best of TV, and a great selection of films! There are SO many great shows included there!  Plus, you can stream almost anywhere, on any device, including gaming consoles, set-top boxes, tablets, mobile phones, and more. Visit to start a free 1-month trial, for a limited time.

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Hulu. All opinions, ideas, photographs, and love for Curious George are entirely our own!

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