13+ Best DIY Halloween Piñatas

Looking for a fun Halloween idea or something to liven up the at-home Halloween festivities this year? How about making a fun piñata?! We’re sharing 13 of the best DIY Halloween Piñatas we could find on the internet!

For many, Halloween will look different this year – opting to stay at home and stay safe, doing new traditions for Halloween. Trick-or-treating alternatives are just a really smart idea during this time! And a Halloween piñata for the family is a great idea for some awesome at-home fun! There’s something about piñatas that kids just love – and you can still end up with all kinds of candy & treats just like you’d get from trick-or-treating. So, we thought making a Halloween piñata would be perfect for some festive fun this year!

Best DIY Halloween Piñatas

Here’s our favorite Halloween piñata ideas, complete with classic Halloween “characters” like witches, ghosts, spiders, & more – PLUS some favorite movie themed ideas that can work well for Halloween as well:

Aren’t those all so cute?! We love all of these! Another awesome thing about a themed piñata like this is that it doubles as fun decor (until of course the time that it gets destroyed – ha)! So, any of these would be perfect for your Halloween fun!

We have some links included below too (affiliate links from which we may earn a small commission) to help you shop if needed!

Non-Candy Halloween Piñata Fillers 

You can’t forget the piñata fillers either! Halloween candy is an obvious choice. But, we thought we’d share some fun fillers that are non-candy options. Things like little toys, crafts, stickers, glow sticks, etc. are all good options.

Halloween Piñatas to Buy

And iff you just don’t have it in you to make a DIY piñata, here are some cute Halloween piñata options to buy:

Happy Halloween!

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