10+ Fun & Easy Halloween Lunch Ideas

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I’ve been having some extra fun with Big Brother’s lunch box this week and packing him some Halloween-themed lunches. There are so many fun things to do with food this time of year. Last year, I rounded up a whole bunch of great Halloween dinner meal ideas. And, we did a whole witch’s potion dinner. So, I decided that this year, we needed some fun Halloween lunches! So, here are links to over 10 awesome Halloween lunch ideas that your kiddos are sure to LOVE! Halloween Lunch Ideas

So many fun ideas, right?! Here’s some supplies that might help with your Halloween lunches:

We made a sort of jack-o-lantern inspired lunch one day and a funny monster face sandwich. Both were SO easy to do and a hit with the kids! Easy Halloween Lunch IdeasFor that jack-o-lantern one, we just went with mini quesadillas and black olives for the faces. Carrot sticks/baby carrots are great because of their orange color. The “eye balls” are cherry tomatoes with some cream cheese & black olives. Then, there’s some Greek yogurt with Halloween sprinkles. Then the funny monster face sandwich is just a hotdog bun sandwich with green olives stuck on with a toothpick for eyes. Then, I put some blue corn tortilla chips around and on top (for ears, or horns, or bat wings, or whatever you’d like them to be). Pickles and tomatoes were goblin fingers & eyes. Then, the pumpkin cookie got a spider stuck in it for good measure. So easy, festive, and fun!

I think just about any kid would LOVE to have a fun Halloween themed lunch in October!

Which Halloween themed lunch is your favorite?

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