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Mini Team Spirit PizzasAre you ready for some football? We’re fully in the midst of football season and for those of you that don’t already know, we are big college football fans and HUGE Nebraska Cornhusker fans! So, football Saturdays are a fun part of our fall and I love making some fun recipes when possible for our football game-watching! These team spirit mini pizzas were SO easy to make…and turned out pretty cute too! Nebraska Huskers Tailgating Mini PizzasObviously, we made our pizzas Huskers-style, but there really are A LOT of difference options for team pizzas, depending on your school’s colors. Get creative with different toppings! The basic “recipe” is just good ol’ english muffin pizzas. You need english muffins, pizza sauce (or even just your favorite pasta sauce), mozzarella cheese, and your team-color toppings. Or, you can just go with footballs by cutting salami or pepperoni, then adding strips of string cheese for the football laces. Toast the muffins just slightly first. Then, remove from heat (oven, grill, etc) and add a thin layer of sauce. Cover with cheese & toppings. Then, bake/grill until cheese is melted.

For Nebraska, the colors were easy with our favorite toppings! We did some with just black & red (black olives & pepperoni). But, the real fun came by spelling out Huskers and putting the “N” on the pizzas. All that’s involved to do that is cutting strips from the pepperonis and using them to spell everything out! Easy and makes such a fun impact! You can serve them up with some delicious slow cooker wings for that perfect tailgate menu! Football Mini PizzasFun, right?! They were a big hit! But the fun doesn’t end there! Since it’s Football Friday here on the blog, I’ve got you covered with 9 more football ideas for your game-watching and tailgating this weekend by teaming up with a group of creative bloggers to share some fun football game day ideas. So, check out the DIY team spirit wear, football party decor, and great game-watching recipes below! DIY Football Crafts & Tailgating Recipes

Be sure to stay tuned for other Fridays throughout the fall, where we’ll be back with all kinds of other tailgating recipes and fun football ideas! I’ve already shared a SUPER tasty hot corn dip and some delicious apricot bbq wings as part of our football fun this fall!

What’s YOUR favorite type of football food?

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