Back to School Tips for a Healthy, Happy School Year!

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How is it August already?! Here in Arizona that means it’s already back to school time! In fact, Big Brother heads to 1st grade (eek!) less than two weeks!! So, we’re starting to get busy with getting everything ready, from uniforms and school supplies to getting things prepped & organized throughout the house. There’s so much talk right now about the fun stuff like teacher gifts, fun projects, outfits, photo opps, or more (and we’ll have some of that here on the blog soon); but I think it’s also a good idea to talk about the really important stuff…like making sure the kiddos have a healthy and happy year! Back to school tips for a healthy yearAs a former teacher myself and now with a year of school as a mom under my belt, here are 10 tips that I think can really help toward having a healthy & happy year:

  1. Support at home. As a teacher, this was the #1 factor I saw in kids that were doing well in school versus those who weren’t. Be present, ask questions, listen, encourage, help with homework, keep on top of the important dates, etc. And, don’t think that just because they are teenagers this doesn’t apply. As a jr. high and high school teacher, I can assure you this is very much so still important!!
  2. Sleep. Most experts recommend 10-12 hours of sleep for elementary aged kids! Not getting enough sleep can impact their school performance as well as their immune system and health.
  3. Eat a well-balanced breakfast. Starting their day off right with a great breakfast can really impact their whole day! I’ll be making a grocery run soon so that I can stock up to make some great breakfast foods like hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt, breakfast egg casserole, and overnight oatmeal!
  4. Healthy lunch & snacks. While I think breakfast is especially vital for starting their day off right, eating well throughout the day is certain helpful in keeping kids healthy throughout the year! We’ll be packing Big Brother’s lunch this year, so I’m looking for fun & healthy ideas for that. And, we’ll be stocking up on lots of fruits and veggies for afternoon snacks. You can even make them fun like this rainbow fruit snack!
  5. In addition to eating a healthy & balanced diet, adding a daily multivitamin (like L’il Critters gummy vitamins) might certainly be helpful.
  6. Wash hands!!!!!! We added this to our home from school routine last year. It’s the 1st thing Big Brother needs to do after coming in the house! That can certainly help with germ spread around the house!
  7. Talk about germs! Since we can’t see “germs”, it can be a hard thing for kids to understand. But, talking to them about it is certainly a good place to start! Discuss the importance of washing hands, coughing into their arms (instead of hands), not sharing food & drinks with others, etc.
  8. Keep them home from school if they are running a fever, have vomited recently or are having diarrhea! While a perfect attendance award is super fun, it’s not fun when it’s at the expense of infecting other students or risking your own child getting worse!
  9. Find ways to de-stress as a family. We all know that stress and anxiety can take a toll on our health. But, many people overlook the fact that school can cause a lot of anxiety in kids and be really stressful for them. So, find ways to de-stress and decompress as a family–go on family walks, do yoga together, have family reading time, play a family game. Those are all great for healthy & happiness!
  10. Have a consistent routine! Kids thrive on routine! Set up an after school and evening routine like when & where homework is done; what is done in the morning; a consistent bedtime and wake time. This might help lower stress and anxiety for everyone, which leads to a much healthier & happier school year!

What are YOUR tips for a healthy, happy school year? L'il Critters gummy vitaminsL’il Critters™ are the #1 child gummy vitamin. We are the better tasting gummy vitamin that is preferred by Kids and trusted by Moms. “We Make Nutrition Taste Good.”

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  1. Driving a school bus and serving lunches to elementary students I see the result of NOT following those few simple rules. Excellent suggestions. Great Advice. School resume August 13th here,

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