10 St. Patrick’s Day Books for Kids

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This is a fun list of St. Patrick’s Day Books for you to enjoy with your wee people this month! St. Patrick's Day Children's BooksWe like to share a themed list of great children’s books each month here on the blog. So, we’re doing a fun list for St. Patrick’s Day! Ja I can’t believe we are into March and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner!

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St. Patrick’s Books for Kids

That’s What Leprechauns Do by Eve Bunting and Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully shows the tricky side of leprechauns amidst all the mystery.

St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting and Illustrated by Jan Brett shares the journey of a little boy finding his own passage in life and tradition when others don’t recognize his capabilities.

The Leprechaun’s Gold by Pamela Duncan Edwards and Illustrated by Henry Cole teaches a few lessons older readers might be able to pick up on and apply in their own lives.

St. Patrick’s Day by Gail Gibbons is nothing short of a resource written for children covering every angle of St. Patrick, himself, and the holiday named after him.

All of the books written above are a bit long. My very young children (1 and 3) sit through most of it and read multiple books with me at a time, but I’m not sure how much they comprehend from these. I think they are a bit young to really capture it all. However, they still enjoy them.

The following books are shorter, with the exception of the first two listed. Although they are still wordy, the kids were able to follow the story lines a little easier.

Shannon and the World’s Tallest Leprechaun by Sean Callahan and Illustrated by Kathleen Kemly is a great story that illustrates how people have the ability to make their own wishes come true.

The Leprechaun Who Lost His Rainbow by Sean Callahan and Illustrated by Nancy Cote is a story about sacrifice, love, and trust through generations.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, Dear Dragon by Margaret Hillert and Illustrated by David Schimmell is a Beginning-to-Read Book. It is full of several sight words and a lot of repetition.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover by Lucille Colandro and Illustrated by Jared Lee is a different version of the Old Lady that swallowed a fly. I like singing these variations as I read them, but toward the end, the words don’t match up with the tune. But, my kids like them nonetheless.

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day by Natasha Wing and Illustrated by Amy Wummer holds to the same rhyme and rhythm as the original Christmas story. This version includes visions of gold, traps for a wee man, and ends with a trick! This was definitely the favorite in the house.

What is your favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition?

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