10+ Nerdy Easter Egg Ideas! (+ Contest & Giveaway!)

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Are you ready for Easter? It’s coming up so quickly! Egg decorating is one of our favorite things to do as part of celebrating! Typically, we’ve just done some variations on traditional egg-dyeing. But there are so many ways to get creative! If you’re like us and love embracing your inner nerd or science geek, you can have some fun making #NerdyEggs – you know with nerdy, fun things like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Super Heroes, Ninja Turtles, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Minecraft, etc! Here’s some fun ideas to get you started:
10+ Nerdy Easter Egg Ideas

DIY Nerdy Easter Eggs:

Aren’t those all SO fun?! My boys would love just about all of those! So now…how about a little more nerdy Easter egg fun?!?

Nerdy Easter Egg Contest + Giveaway

Now we want to see what nerdy egg ideas YOU have! We’ve partnered up with some of the nerdiest (and coolest) bloggers out there to make this super fun! Basically, this contest is like cosplay for eggs. So get ready to show us your best nerdy egg creations. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and get as creative as you can.

How to Participate

  1. Make sure you enter through our giveaway widget down below.
  2. Then, create your eggs and share on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #NerdyEgg.
  3. The nerdy egg picture that receives the most likes and/or shares will get their choice of one of these 9 Blu-ray or DVD box sets.

Contest/Giveaway runs through March 21st! So get to sharing those Nerdy eggs!!! 🙂

Nerdy Egg Contest

Nerdy Egg for Instagram

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