DIY Skully Parrot Costume from Disney’s Jake & the Never Land Pirates

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Jake and the Never Land Pirates DIY Skully CostumeWe’re big fans of family-themed Halloween costumes. And, with a trip to Disneyland this year for Mickey’s Halloween Party (where everyone can dress in costume), we decided on doing Jake and the Never Land Pirates for our family theme! Give the popularity of our pirate & parrot theme with little ones before, I knew I wanted Baby Brother to be Skully (the green parrot in the show). We had an awesome DIY parrot costume that my mom and I made many years ago now. But, it’s red and Skully is very green. So, we set out to make a whole new parrot costume…and I’m so excited about the way it turned out! Handmade Skully Parrot CostumeJust look at that cute little parrot – so perfect for our family theme! It did take a bit of time to figure out how to construct the costume (since I had no pattern). But, once things got rolling, it wasn’t tough at all! And, the end result is so fun! Plus, it’s almost no-sew!! Here’s how I made it…

Skully Costume Materials

  • green onesie
  • green fleece fabric (lightest weight I could find – a little more than a 1/4″ yard)
  • two other shades of green felt (about 1/4″ yard each)
  • 2 sheets of bright yellow felt
  • 2 sheets of goldenrod felt
  • 1 sheet brown felt
  • 1 sheet white felt
  • 1 sheet black felt
  • 1 sheet red felt
  • 1 sheet blue felt
  • black pirate fabric for skull cap
  • beanie/skull cap
  • batting/stuffing
  • sharpie
  • fabric scissors
  • needle & green thread
  • hot glue


Handmade Skully costumeI started by roughly measuring Baby Brother’s “wing span” & then cutting two pieces of the felt that would go from the middle of his back down to his hands. I laid out those pieces then put the onesie on top, positioning as needed. Then, I folded those pieces of fleece over the shoulder seam (making flaps over his arm). At this point the fabric was still squared off. So, the next step was to cut on a sort of rounded diagonal down from the neckline (sort of along the arm seam line) and then down the sides). Once I decided things looked right, I tacked the fabric down along the side seams of the onesie and up along the arm/shoulder seam (I just did a little hand sewing there). Skully DIY Parrot wingsOnce the material is in place, then you can start on the wings. For that I used chalk to roughly sketch out a wing shape. On the back though…be sure to leave a little longer section in the middle for Skully’s tail! Cut out your basic wing shape. Then, about every inch or so, I cut rounded edges off the fabric for “feathers”. For some added dimension, I took my other colors of green felt and added a layer to the underneath side of the front & back wings. Again, I just cut a basic shape – and since nothing but the “feathers” showed, all I did was hot glue on the felt to the fleece. Super easy! Once the wings are done, you can add some red & blue felt for Skully’s tail. Again, I just cut to match his look as best I could and hot glued everything in place. Next up….the hat (and the most detailed part)! DIY Skully Parrot HatI had the advantage of using our previous parrot costume as a template. So, we just used that. But, really, any plain beanie/skull cap should work. To help make sure everything is in the right place, I recommend working on it while the hat is on a ball. I started be covering the front half of the hat with the green fleece to match the rest of the costume. There were two pieces that came together along the middle seam (again, I just used hot glue to hold in place). Now…for the trickiest part – the beak!!

To make it look like Skully, I actually printed a side view image and blew it up to about the size I thought I’d need. Then, I cut the paper out and traced it on to the felt. I cut the pieces out & drew on his mouth with Sharpie. The trick with making a 3D shape like that though is that the pieces won’t fit together all the way around. So, when you attach the beak pieces to the hat on the sides and then connect the middle pieces together on the top of the beak, you’re left with an open underneath side.DIY Skully costume beakSo, attach the beak to the hat and then down to the beak tip with hot glue. Then, use your batting/stuffing to fill the beak space as tightly as you can. Once that’s done, you’ll attach a wide triangle piece of felt (in the same color as the beak) to the hat and to the open ends of the beak (again, just with hot glue). After the beak is done, the final step is to work on the head/face details. Again, for that I used the picture I printed as a template (as well as our little plush Skully friend). DIY Disney's Skully Parrot HatI used my template to cut the pieces of felt to look as much like Skully as I could make it. Everything was attached with hot glue. Once the eyes were done & face details were done, the last step was adding the skull cap! For that, we hot glued it to the hat and tied the knot so everything would stay in place. With that, we’ve got a fun Skully costume! DIY Skully Parrot CostumeI love the way it turned out – perfect for our Jake and the Never Land Pirates family theme! We had SO much fun together wearing them at Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party! We can’t wait to do it again for Halloween! DIY Jake & the Never Land Pirates Family Costumes DIY Disney Jake & Skully Costumes

Do you have a little Jake fan who would love a Skully costume?

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  1. Cute Costumes you did a great job! Do you happen to have a paper pattern that I can use for Skully’ s costume I am make this for my grandson for Christmas thank you Marney.

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