Quick & Healthy Recipe: One Pan Baked Salmon & Vegetables

Quick & Healthy One Pan Baked Salmon & VegetablesI’m always on the lookout for quick & healthy dinners! Quick can so often mean unhealthy and healthy dinners sometime take quite a while to prepare. So, quick & healthy is a great combination! And, you’re in luck today because you’ll get not 1, but 12 quick & healthy dinners ideas in this post! First up, is this one pan baked salmon & veggies recipe…

Baked Salmon & VegetablesReally, making this couldn’t be easier! All you need is one pan, a few ingredients (I used 6) and about 20 minutes! How awesome is that?! I’ve seen SO many “one pot” chicken dishes on Pinterest. But, I didn’t have any chicken. Instead, we had salmon.  I thought that surely the same thing could be done with salmon. And, indeed it can! So simple, super quick & easy, and delicious! To make this, you’ll need…

  • a 13 x 9 baking pan (or similar)
  • salmon filets (I used 4 small)
  • roasting vegetables (obviously I used green beans & tomatoes. Asparagus or broccoli would be great too).
  • olive oil
  • Lemon, garlic & herb butter (you could make this yourself or purchase already infused)
  • salt

One Dish Dinner Salmon & VegetablesPlace the salmon skin filets side down (if there’s any skin) in the middle of the pan, put vegetables on each side of the salmon. I used about three handfuls of petite whole green beans and about two handfuls of large cherry tomatoes (cut in half). Drizzle olive oil over the vegetables and sprinkle with salt to taste. Add approximately 1 tablespoon of a lemon, garlic, & herb butter on top of each salmon filet. Bake at 400 degrees for approximately 20 minutes (or until salmon is cooked through). That’s it! Just one dish to clean, a few ingredients, and less than 30 minutes of time total! A grain-free, low-carb, super delicious dinner! Paleo Salmon & Vegetables DinnerNow, how about 11 more quick & healthy meal ideas?! I’ve teamed up with a group of other bloggers to bring you a whole list of great meal ideas just like this! Click on any of the meal ideas from the list below to get the recipes! 12 Quick & Healthy Recipes

That’s a lot of great ideas! If you like this, then make sure you stop by on the 12th of every month. The twelve of us will be posting  together just like this with a different theme on the 12th of every month. Every recipe has 12 ingredients or less. 12 bloggers, 12 months, 12 themes, with 12 ingredients or less, posted on the 12th of the month! You can keep up with us using the hashtag #12bloggers! ;)

#12bloggersWhat’s YOUR favorite quick & healthy meal?

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  1. carol dee says:

    YNUMMY, I do love salmon. This looks great. I plan to make it next time I get some nice fresh salmon.

  2. I can’t believe I have never made salmon before! This looks so good!

  3. Sara this looks delicious and what a great reminder for all of us – we love salmon and I always forget to make it. Pinning this as a reminder!

  4. Love that it’s all cooked in one dish Sara!

  5. Why have I never thought of making a one pan meal?! That is genius!

  6. You are speaking my language with only one pan to clean and 25 minutes start to finish. Looks amazing!

  7. This looks yummy and so easy!

  8. I love all things one-dish! This looks really good and like something The Hubs would love

  9. I love salmon but I am always at a loss for how to prepare it without firing up the grill. Thanks so much for sharing this easy recipe!

  10. Roasted tomatoes are the best! It was so smart to throw it all in one pan too… genius really!

  11. What a genius idea! I’m a big fan of recipes that leave less dishes to clean. Looks absolutely delicious!

  12. Fabulous! The first time I have “successfully” cooked fish. This is going in the rotation. thank you so much

  13. Making this tonight! Can’t wait! Only problem I ran into at the store was the butter. I could find lemon and herb butter OR herb & garlic butter but none that was all three together. Any pointers on where I could find it?

    • Sara @MomEndeavors says:

      Hi Jami! Hmmm…it should be sold at any Kroger chain grocery store (which encompassed quite a few). You could always do the herb & garlic butter and add a little lemon juice to it!

  14. Samantha says:

    This dish looks amazing, and I love the easy clean up and minimal prep/cook time, the only question if have is, should the dish be covered or uncovered while being cooked? Anyone have any thought? I’m making this tonight :)

  15. OMG this was delicious, thank you!!!

  16. Should this be baked covered w foil, or uncovered. Will it really matter which way it’s done?

  17. Thanks for this!! I’ve made it twice now with different vegetables and different homemade butters – so simple and delicious!

  18. This was sooooooooo good. Cooked just as described (I feel like salmon always takes longer for me but this was right on). Any suggestions for good places to find other one dish dinners like this?

  19. Ha! Just found your one pot dinner post from march. :) will be trying many of them!

    • Sara @MomEndeavors says:

      Excellent! Was just going to direct you to that post! ;) So glad you enjoyed the salmon! Thanks for commenting!

  20. Making this scrumptious-looking meal tonight, however, we’ve got lots of frozen tilapia filets and frozen green beans instead of fresh…Do you think there are any adjustments I need to make with the substitutions?

  21. This looks delicious and perfect for me since I am so busy but need to feed my family healthy meals. Thank you for sharing!

  22. I am making this -again- for dinner tonight. An easy choice for company since it’s easy and delicious. I always make my own butter by snipping whatever is in my herb container out the back door. A little lemon zest and minced garlic and it’s good to go!

  23. This looks great but if I can’t print it I can’t use it. Is there a print option without all the photos? I can’t seem to find it…

  24. Sarahanne says:

    Can’t wait to try this! Is the butter a requirement? Could I possibly just use some minced garlic and lemon juice?

    • Sara @MomEndeavors says:

      Sarahanne – I wouldn’t think the butter would be a requirement! Would love to know how it is with just minced garlic and lemon. Let us know!

  25. I used the same beans you did and they did not cook enough. But the rest was very good!

  26. Did no one else find that the tomatoes cooked way faster than the green beans? I had mushy tomatoes and very crisp beans.

  27. I posted a review of your recipe on my site. SO good! :) Thanks a ton, Sara!

  28. Hi Sara,

    I made this for dinner earlier in the week and it is absolutely delicious! This is going to be my new go-to recipe for salmon! Even the leftovers today were tasty and moist!

    I made my own butter by softening butter and adding garlic salt & lemon pepper seasoning and mashing it up.

  29. serving salmon for my book club meeting… test tasted 3 recipes…. this is the winner!

  30. I’ve made this dish a couple of times and it was good, but my only complaint is that this salmon and tomatoes cook much faster than the green beans. You either have under cooked beans or over cooked fish.

    • Sara @MomEndeavors says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Nicole! I tend to like green beans a little “underdone” I suppose (I don’t like them mushy). So, that’s probably why. You could always put the green beans in first for a bit while you get the other ingredients out and then add them to the pan. :)


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