Homemade Weight Watchers Snack Recipes

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This “skinnier” snack recipe ideas post was created as part of sponsored partnership with Weight Watchers. I was given a free three month subscription to try their new Personal Coaching product and share my honest thoughts about my experience. 
Weight Watchers Snack IdeasIt’s been a few weeks now since signing on with Weight Watchers and it’s been a good thing for me! It’s worked well for me in the past, so I’m glad to give it a try again. With the all-new Personal Coaching Program, I’ve found a coach that is really helpful and understanding! It’s always good to have a support system when you’re trying to lose weight or make healthy changes. My coach and I had a great session and we worked out some small goals to try to tackle, including better snacking!

Better Snacking

The main goal was finding some good snack recipes. Over the years that I’ve been home with the kids, the intermittent (and too often mindless) snacking has taken a toll. I’m guilty of not making the best choices with eating in general, but it’s way too easy for me to make poor choices about snacking–processed foods, too many carbs, too big portions…the list goes on. So, my coach  challenged me to find two new snack recipes to this! There are some GREAT recipes on WeightWatchers.com. But, I also decided to search some out from other bloggers and I found quite a few tasty snack recipes with low PointsPlus values.

Delicious Weight Watchers Snacks

I found 10 different recipes, each with 3 Points+ or less, that all sound like great snack options (depending on what you’re in the mood for). There’s savory, and crunchy, and fruity or desserty!

The pumpkin oatmeal muffins were a BIG hit with everyone at our house! They are good-sized and super tasty! All the boys absolutely loved them and I loved that I could have one for a filling snack (at just 3 Points+ each)Pumpkin Oatmeal MuffinsI’ve also been enjoying some “nearly naked”/”skinny” popcorn. 4 cups of the stuff we buy is only 3Points+ as well! Another favorite has been apples or bananas paired with a little bit of peanut butter and chocolate chips. Depending on the amount of peanut butter or chocolate I have with it, I can have that for just 3 or 4Points+. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Apple SlicesSo, I’ve definitely been successful at finding some “better-for-me” snacking options!

What healthier snack ideas are your favorite?


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