Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We like to celebrate a bit with the kids at home and kids often have fun events at school. You can of course make fun food (like heart-shaped popcorn balls or heart-shaped pizza), but you can also celebrate by doing fun crafts or activities. So,  Jennifer Carver, of Spaceship and Laser Beams, is sharing some great Valentine’s Day games and activities to do with kids!  Her ideas include activities perfect for a classroom party, a gathering of family and friends or just an evening home with the kiddos. valentines-day-games-for-kidsThere are so many fun games and activities to do with children!  First, begin by thinking of beloved children’s games that can get a simple Valentine makeover. Then add a few traditional Valentine’s Day themed ideas to the mix. Your children will love a variety of creative ideas to help them celebrate! If you need extra help, just look to all the wonderful free Valentine’s printables that are available online.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Play “Cupid Says”.  Instead of the popular “Simon Says”, change the words to “Cupid Says”.  Change things up a bit by including some Valentine’s Day actions like, “blow a kiss” or “give yourself a hug”.

Heart Matching Game.  Children love matching games!  Cut hearts out of construction paper and add a number to the front of each.  Glue matching pictures or Valentine’s Day related sayings to the backs for children to match.

Pin the Arrow on Cupid.  Grab some pink or red blindfolds and give the kids a spin or two as they try to pin the arrow on Cupid (Cupid can be created by using an overhead machine and tracing a simple image on to butcher paper and then laminating for longevity).

Create Cupid Bingo cards.  Replace the word Bingo with Cupid.   Add a heart in the middle of the card as the free space.  Pass out candy conversation hearts for children to use as Bingo card markers.

Heart Attack.  Create a huge number of colorful paper hearts.  Have the children add messages of love and choose a special person to “heart attack”.  You can decorate the recipient’s door to share some Valentine’s Day love.

Play “Pass the Heart”.  Based on the popular “Hot Potato” game, give one child a toy or paper heart and have them pass the heart until the music stops.  Whichever child is holding the heart when the music stops is out.

Play Valentine’s Day Pictionary.  Kids will love drawing and guessing Valentine themed words like: heart, Cupid, love, chocolates, roses, Valentine card, and so on.

Heart Breaker Piñata. Let the kids literally be heart breakers by filling a heart shaped piñata with wrapped candy, heart shaped stickers and inexpensive toys.  Blindfold the children and give them a few spins before they attempt to break the heart.

Decorate Valentines.  Round up a variety of craft supplies like cardstock, construction paper, paper doilies, ribbon, buttons, stickers, crayons, or markers and let the children make Valentines cards (or Valentine’s Day mailboxes) to share with friends and loved ones.

Now that you have some inspiration from the ideas above, add your own creativity!  Come up with a suitable list of games o play with your crowd of kids and/or plan some Valentine’s Day themed DIY projects to make. With so many fun Valentine’s Day themed games and activities to choose from, kids will love celebrating all day long!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids?

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