Peanut M&M’s Party Brownies {College Football Tailgate Party}

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Peanut M&Ms Candy BrowniesIt’s the last week of our College Football tailgate party here! I can’t believe the season (well, minus the bowl games) is already at an end. So, I’m sharing one last recipe that’s perfect for football watching! We all know sweet treats are great for parties and tailgates. You can’t go wrong with a bowl of M&M’s and some football brownies (or peppermint brownies if it’s the holidays) are always a hit. So, why not combine the two into one yummy treat?! Peanut M&M’s Brownies- so easy to whip up and perfect for any of your party or tailgating needs! M&Ms browniesAll you need is your favorite brownie mix or recipe and your favorite kind of M&M’s. We love peanut M&M’s and anytime dark chocolate is available, we’re all over that! We found a great selection at Walmart and you can even find a coupon here. M&MsWith the busyness right now, I’m all about keeping things easy. So I just whipped up a brownie mix and chopped up about a cup of Peanut M&M’s. Just follow the directions on the box or the directions of your favorite brownie recipe. Then, fold the chopped candy into the brownie batter. Making M&M's BrowniesWhile those baked, the boys and I sorted colors – gotta keep things teamed-themed for game watching! Around here, that’s red for our Huskers. The boys also thought the brown M&M’s looked like footballs, so we kept those too. I chopped these M&M’s up too (just because I thought they’d be a little easier to eat that way). With about 5-10 minutes left to go on the brownies, we took them out and added our red & brown M&M’s to the top and returned to the oven. Tailgate BrowniesWhat’s great about this is that you can use the M&M’s for a variety of team colors or particular party themes! Once they’ve cooled enough to handle, then cut, serve & enjoy! M&M's Candy BrowniesPerfect for tailgating or football-watching (and just about any other fun event), right?!

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College Football Tailgate Party
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