Thanksgiving Themed Muffin Tin Meal

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We kicked off Thanksgiving week with a little themed muffin tin meal tonight.  
As usual, Big Brother loved it! It was a rather blustery day around here and I was making chicken soup and sandwiches for dinner.  So, I thought this would make Big Brother have a little more fun with with it.
Here’s what dinner included (starting top left, continuing clockwise):
-cheese pumpkins & pumpkin pretzels, a turkey sandwich, craisins, triscuits, chicken soup, and a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.
The star of the meal was of course Mr. Turkey Sandwich…

To make: cut two slices of bread into a large circle for the body.  With the scraps, cut an oblong shape for the head.  Make a sandwich of your choice with the large circles.  Then, using butter, attach the head to the body.  Make eyes (I carved them from black olives), a beak (cut triangle of cheese stuck on with a little butter), and a wattle (I cut up the pimento out of a green olive).
For the feathers, cut three baby carrots into thin slices (I got 3-4 from each carrot) and stick in the middle of the sandwich.  One pretzel stick cut in half will give you the legs! 

A fun start to Thanksgiving week in which there are sure to be some more terrific turkey activities completed!  Thinking that serving up leftover Thanksgiving foods like this and  making these with leftover turkey would be pretty cute too!!

*You can always finds LOADS of great muffin tin meal inspiration at the Muffin Tin Mom.

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23 Responses

  1. Love it! I've found that using a drinking straw as a kind of cookie-cutter for the olives makes it really easy! And you just blow your circle back out! (or cut the straw short and use a toothpick.)

  2. That Turkey sandwich is awesome, way to go. I had grand plans to make the Mayflower ship, but alas I didn't. Again, mad props for that turkey!

  3. Oh wow~you went all out! Very nice…especially love the turkey sandwich. Chocolate and pumpkin is one of my favorite flavor combos right now. Happy Thanksgiving! :o)

  4. Oh so cute!! I love the turkey sandwich. I may have to make that for my little man tomorrow! I'm stopping by from Tot Tuesdays link up.

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