Star Wars: The Last Jedi No Spoilers Movie Review

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The latest story (Episode VIII) in the saga from a galaxy far, far away  – Star Wars: The Last Jedi – hits theaters THIS Friday, December 15th! And just like with Star Wars: The Force Awakens two years ago and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story this time last year, our household is super excited! We’ve got our tickets for the 1st showing on Thursday night and can’t wait! But first, I got to see the film early to share some thoughts with you (As always, a big thank you to Disney for inviting me to an early screening of this film so that I could bring you this movie review)!!  Star Wars The Last Jedi ReviewJust like the last two years, Disney/Lucasfilm wants to keep movie details under wraps and avoid spoilers from leaking. So, you won’t find any spoilers here! I sincerely hope that everyone (who wants to) is able to see the film in the same way I was able to at the advanced press screening – with NOTHING but your own guesses and theories going in, so that you can be surprised in all the same places I was! It really is all the more magical that way! So, I’m sharing my thoughts below without giving too much away…

10 “No-Spoilers” Thoughts about Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    1. It is GOOD! Simply put, I liked it and cannot wait to see it again!
    2. I like how the movie picks up RIGHT after The Force Awakens ends. There is really virtually almost no time break, so you’re not left wondering “what happened” in some sort of in-between time.
    3. There is A LOT going on in this movie. Where The Force Awakens had to spend time introducing new characters, this one does not. It hits the ground running and has lots of storylines, lots of layers, lots of plot points, and lots of characters – mostly the same familiar faces, but a few new key people as well. So, you may just need to see it more than once to fully take everything in!!
    4. There are twists that I was NOT expecting (can’t say any more about that, you’ll have to go see it to find out). I think most people will have at least a moment or two of surprise! Your face might even look like this little porg a few times… 😉  
    5. Porgs are CUTE! I know there has been some chatter & concern about the Porgs or them being like Jar-Jar. But, not to worry, friends! The Porgs were well done – used sparingly, but with great on-screen moments. Be prepared for your kids to be asking for one of these after seeing the movie! I’m thinking they’d make perfect stocking stuffers! I want a whole little flock of them! So, you might as well just go ahead and shop right now (affiliate links):
    6. BB-8 is fantastic. If you weren’t already completely in love with BB-8 from The Force Awakens, be prepared to be now. I LOVE this droid!!!!
    7. More backstory! Remember all those million questions you had after seeing The Force Awakens?! Well, you’ll get at least a couple answered in this one (though like any good Star Wars movie, some questions remain and new questions have formed).
    8. Be prepared to get emotional seeing Carrie Fisher on screen as Leia! I don’t think anyone in the theater could help but think how sad it is that Carrie is gone while watching the film. Carrie Fisher Last Jedi
    9. It’s funnier than I expected. Now, I’m not saying that this film is a comedy by ANY means. But I chuckled a lot more than I had expected to  – and I think even more so than I did during The Force Awakens. Two words: conference call. SOOO funny! I don’t know that all fans will like this humor throughout, but having some comedic relief in this film (with a 2.5 hour run time) was a necessity.
    10. Rian Johnson (director & writer) did a FABULOUS job! Rian built on the original trilogy, prequels, and all the great stuff that J.J. Abrams did in The Force Awakens, managing to somehow be a good blend of the past and things you would expect while also changing things up a bit. After seeing this, I think it’s understandable why the folks at Disney/Lucasfilm are entrusting him with a whole new trilogy! Rian Johnson Star Wars

GAH – There’s so much more to say! But, again – NO SPOILERS!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Parent Perspective – Is it OK for kids?

I always get asked this question and my answer is exactly the same as it was for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

“The film is rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence. And, that truly is the ONLY reason it has that rating. The original trilogy movies carry only a PG rating – BUT, a PG-13 rating didn’t exist back then. For comparison sake, I’d liken the movie closest to Return of the Jedi in terms of the level of intensity, peril, dark themes, etc. Just like the original movies, you’re not going to find even hint of R-rated themes. No nudity, no gore, almost no profanity.” In The Last Jedi, the only even remotely “bad words” I caught in the entire film were “ass” and “hell” (each only said maybe 1 time).

So, if your kids are like mine, already knowing (& loving) Star Wars and have already been exposed to the other Star Wars films, then I think this movie will be ok for them too. The addition of some young kids and adorable galactic creatures in this one are things that I think kids will REALLY like. So, I think The Last Jedi is definitely a film that can be enjoyed by the whole family– all ages and all levels of Star Wars fans (or even first time Star Wars watchers).

Star Wars: The  Last Jedi hits theaters THIS Friday, December 15th!!! Do YOU have your tickets yet?!?!?!

Happy movie watching and May the Force be With you!

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