Snowman Fruit Snack

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Need a fun winter snack or a fruit platter idea for Christmas morning? As part of a sponsored campaign with Halos oranges, I created this snowman fruit snack for some edible fun!

Snowman Fruit SnackHere in Arizona, citrus abounds during the winter months. In fact, we have 3 orange trees in our backyard! But, we still find ourselves buying oranges all the time. That’s because we love the easy-to-peel mandarin oranges. They’re just the right size and I love that the boys can even peel them on their own. Every Christmas morning, we have a fun breakfast that usually consists of an egg breakfast casserole, something like stuffed french toast or cranberry-orange muffins, and a platter full of fruit including mandarin oranges. If you’ve been a reader of the blog for a while, then you know I love making fun foods & edible creations. So, I decided a snowman fruit snack would be just perfect this time of year!

Halos MandarinsFor your cute snowman fruit platter, just grab a bag of Halos at the store! Then, you’ll need to get creative with a few supplies to make a snowman. There are SO many possibilities of items to use to create your snowman, but I opted for some things I already had in the pantry, like cloves and cinnamon sticks. The added plus about these items is that they smell so good together with the oranges!

Orange Snowman SuppliesTo make the snowman, I used a bamboo skewer to join together three Halos (then cut off the excess skewer). Place whole cloves in for the eyes, mouth, and buttons. Cut a cinnamon stick in for the arms (you can slide a toothpick in to the cinnamon stick to help it stick in). Cut a piece of carrot for the nose & attach using a toothpick. For the scarf, I use fruit leather. A fruit rollup would work much better, but I made it work using a toothpick and a clove to attach it in front. Orange SnowmanThen, we decided that he really needed some kind of hat. So, we raided our holiday treat stash and decided that an Oreo with Hershey’s kiss was a suitable Christmas hat (we stuck the kiss to the hat with a little cream cheese and the cookie to the orange with a toothpick). To help the orange snowman stay up, I put down a little cream cheese on the plate and then stuck the snowman on the cream cheese. Surround the snowman with the a few peeled oranges and you have a whole fun snowman fruit snack platter! Snowman Christmas Fruit Platter The boys loved this fun snack! It might have to make a return appearance on Christmas morning…or maybe we’ll have to do an orange Christmas tree!

Do YOU like mandarin oranges? 

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