Slam Dunk Basketball Cupcakes

These simple basketball cupcakes are perfect for celebrating your favorite little basketball player or serving up for a fun basketball themed party! Cute, tasty, and easy-to-make, they are sure to be a slam dunk! Easy Basketball CupcakesWe’re right in the midst of all the basketball tournament madness in March. And what better way to enjoy that fun than with a little basketball party? We did just that and I made some of these cute edible basketball cupcake toppers for a sweet party treat! DIY Basketball CupcakesAren’t they cute?! The edible basketballs are really the key thing here and they are easy to make!!

Edible Basketball Cupcake Toppers

The cupcakes couldn’t be more plain by themselves, but add on an edible basketball and you have one slam dunk cupcake! 🙂 All you need is your favorite cupcake recipe (or the very easy store bought variety), OREO cookies, orange candy melts/coating, and a food writer pen or melted chocolate! Making OREO BasketballsTo make the basketballs, just dip the OREO cookies in melted orange candy coating. Try to fully coat the cookies as best you can. Place coated cookies on a parchment-lined cookie sheet or plate and place in the refrigerator to harden. Once the orange candy coating has hardened, use the food writer pen or melted chocolate to pipe on the black grooves on the basketballs. Making Basketball Cupcake Toppers

Once you have the OREO basketballs made, then you can put them on your cupcakes. These cupcakes were store bough (shhhh!), but you can totally use your own favorite homemade recipe. I added some orange sprinkles to spruce them up and topped the cupcakes with the fun basketballs! A super easy idea that was a BIG hit around here! They’re the perfect dessert option for your basketball March Madness watching – especially during a fun basketball partyBasketball cupcakesDo you love watching the College Basketball Tournament? Who is your favorite team?

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