Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzles

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Looking for an inexpensive handmade stocking stuffer or gift for little ones? I think these Popsicle Stick Photo Puzzles are perfect! Back in November, I shared them at Sweet Rose Studio, as part of her Holiday Handmade Series. So, now it’s time to share them here in case you missed it! 🙂

This idea isn’t a new one–I’ve seen variations of this idea all over the place & have had it on my “to-make” list for ages! And, I’m so glad I’ve finally made some! Aside from being easy and inexpensive, the beauty of the project is that you can make it so personalized and really perfect for almost any age. You could use family photos, post cards from favorite places, print outs of characters, sports teams logos, old flashcards, etc. Depending on the difficulty you’d like the puzzle to be, you could vary the size of the popsicle sticks (using the larger ones for younger kids), use more complex images, or even make the puzzle two sided! The possibilities really are endless!

Here’s the “how-to”:


– 16 popsicle sticks (per puzzle)

– various 4×6 or small postcard size images

– Mod podge & brush

– X-ACTO knife

– baggies (for storage)


For each puzzle, lay out a series of 16 popsicle sticks so that the sticks are touching. To prevent shifting/sliding, you could place a piece of scotch tape across the sticks.

Apply mod podge to the back of the 4 x 6 image you are using & place on the sticks. Then, go over the top with a light coat of mod podge and let dry.

Once dry, carefully use an X-ACTO knife to cut in between each popsicle stick. I definitely recommend doing this on a mat of some kind and also, recommend cutting from the back since it’s easier to see the divisions between the sticks!That’s it! Then, you have AWESOME personalized, unique, handmade puzzles perfect for little boys (and girls) of just about any age! 🙂

What handmade projects are YOU working on?

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  1. Do you use a regular picture on photo paper or do you print a picture on printer paper? Also, did you use some actual post cards as well?

    1. The picture one above is a regular 4×6 glossy print from a photo center. And, the two in the last photo are real postcards that we got this summer from the San Diego Zoo! 🙂 All of them worked fine and have stayed stuck on the sticks really well!

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