Disney FROZEN Birthday Party

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We just celebrated the big boys’ 4th & 7th birthdays in Disney FROZEN style! The boys’ birthdays are just 1 day apart, so we do a big joint party.  Like just about everyone else right now, our boys have been hit with FROZEN fever! So, since the party was just a few days after the movie’s dvd release, choosing a party theme was easy! I love that even though FROZEN features two princesses as the lead roles, it’s a movie that both girls and boys can really relate to. All the kids were SO excited about the party!
Disney FROZEN Birthday PartyOne tricky thing about doing FROZEN parties right now is that any kind of decorations, party supplies, and merchandise is incredibly hard to find. LOTS of stores are sold out of everything and full party supply lines aren’t really even out yet. So, getting creative was a must! I was able to find a few items online (Amazon & eBay – affiliate links included) that really helped with the decor…and then we just DIY’d everything else!

Indoor FROZEN Party Decor

Disney Frozen Party Decor When you come to our house, you enter into the living room/dining room. We’ve got a fair amount of open space there, so it’s where we tend to put most of the decorations. Plus, it’s a good place to open gifts and sing Happy Birthday. Obviously, we went with different blues and whites for the colors (which was easy to do). My mom hand-cut a whole bunch of paper snowflakes. They were great for using all over the house & outside to set the scene.  Our giant DIY snowflakes were also perfect on the wall! And, a few purchased items really helped give some FROZEN flair! I bought the main FROZEN characters poster to use behind the cake table, but then couldn’t resist the Olaf & Sven poster (since those are the boys’ favorites). That poster, plus a few of our FROZEN plush characters worked great on the faux mantel! The giant Olaf balloon was a huge hit as well! I purchased it online and had it blown up at a local party store. The boys are still playing with him! Frozen party favorsWe also had the favor table set up in there. We had some fun FROZEN rings, FROZEN stickers, and snowball playdough! I got the playdough recipe & printable tags from Yellow Bliss Road. The boys loved helping make the playdough for their friends!  We also had Sven antler’s and Elsa crowns (templates found here) for all our little party guests to put on when they arrived! Of course, my favorite thing to do in the room was the cake table and FROZEN backdrop! Frozen PartyThe main FROZEN characters poster was obviously central to the backdrop. We put that up first. Then, we hung a segment of cheap blue plastic tablecloth (from the dollar store) on each side of the poster. Over that, we hung this really neat shimmery fabric that I found at Jo-Ann. It looked exactly like Elsa’s cape! Then, we used two cheap white plastic tablecloths to do the swag on the top & sides. For the table, I got cheap batting by the yard at Jo-Ann to look like snow! Then, we hung more paper snowflakes. On the table, the cake was the main focus. Disney Frozen CakeI’ll share my details about the cake in an upcoming post, but it really wasn’t too hard. We did have a few issues with the North Mountain sagging after sitting out for too long. But, the boys loved it anyway! The “ice trees” (just frosted ice cream cones) really helped make the whole scene look more fun! Elsa’s candy ice castle was a bit hit too! And, the boys both enjoyed their giant snowflake pretzels! In addition to the cake, we had a whole table of Frozen-themed party foods for dinner. Disney Frozen Party Food table

Outdoor FROZEN Party Decor

Given the gorgeous weather in Arizona this time of year, most of the party festivities took place outside. But, it’s not exactly “frozen” here. So, we did a few things to add to the fun outside, including hanging icicle lights and snowflakes. Frozen Party Outdoor DecorThe outdoor activities we had for the party were SO fun! The kids had a blast. We had FROZEN snow play, “Pin the nose on Olaf”, and Sven & Kristoff ice block races! At one point after all the activities were done, the boys took to playing with the ice blocks. They got play shovels/tools from the sand box and they were singing Frozen Heart while “chopping” the ice! Soooo cute! Frozen party activities“Pin the Nose on Olaf” was a HUGE hit too! I wanted to make Olaf rather large so we could hang him on our back block wall. So, I used another white plastic tablecloth (folded) and free-handed Olaf (with no nose) in Sharpie marker. I taped the tablecloth pieces together and cut him out. I cut his arms & hair from a paper sack and I cut enough carrot noses for all the kids from one sheet of orange 12×12 card stock. For added fun, I put up some Olaf quotes and more paper snowflakes. Pin the Nose on Olaf Frozen Party GameAfter all the organized activities were over, the kids enjoyed their Frozen-themed dinner, intermittent movie watching (at one point they ALL were crowded around the tv watching), and just had fun playing! Frozen kids partyAfter dinner, all the kiddos were so eager to do the cake! With frozen trees, giant snowflakes, and a candy castle, how can you resist?! 😉 I love seeing their faces light up when we do the cake and sing to them! Such special moments! Boys' Disney Frozen Birthday PartySo much fun! I absolutely love doing these parties for them. I hope they never get “too old or too cool” for this. But, I have a feeling I’m going to blink and those days will be upon us. So, for now, I’m treasuring all of these moments.  We’re so thankful to be able to celebrate them with so many dear family & friends!

A very happy birthday to my sweet little 7 and 4-year olds!Boys' FROZEN BirthdayThanks for sharing in all of this FROZEN birthday fun here!! There are/will be some sep­a­rate posts with details on mak­ing many of the items for the party…so stay tuned!

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22 Responses

  1. ACK! SO CUTE! I need to know what themed foods were on that dinner table too! My daughter’s birthday isn’t till October, but she has already demanded a Frozen party!

      1. Your party turned out amazing! Can you just fly to Alabama and whip this up for my girls?? Dying to hear about the ice block race! It looks awesome!

        1. Ha!!! 🙂 Thanks, Tasha!!! I need to get that race post up. It was super easy and so fun. Hopefully within the week!

  2. WOW, you always do a birthday party on a grand scale. I love the decorations. Your Mom cut some fabulous snowflakes. 🙂 I have yet to see frozen. I went to rent it at Red Box but they only had Blueray. SO I will be checking again. I love the Disney animated movies. It is hard to believe that the 2 big boys are 7 & 4 already! T My Grandsons are just about 9 months behind your boys and will be 7 & 4 this December. Birthdays 2 weeks apart with Christmas in the middle!!! 🙂 I would love to throw a Mom Endeavors theme party for them but my DIL will not allow it. 🙁 She would rather rent a space at Monkey Joe’s *shrug* Have a wonderful weekend, hugs to all.

  3. How did you do the ice block race? What did you use for the different parts? This looks awesome!! Thank you 🙂


    1. Hi Amy! I really need to get that post up! 🙂 We made some very simple pullable “sleds” and got ice blocks at our local Water ‘n ice store. The kids LOVED it! LOVED!

  4. I would love to know how did the ice block race. I am planing my daughters 4th birthday and I would’ love to do this games

  5. How did you put the rock candy on the cake? I am planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday and I would like to use the rock candy crystal as cake topper. Thank you 🙂

  6. Hi could you tell me where you got the bridge for the cake? My daughters birthday is next week and I can’t find if anywhere! Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Krista,
      I bought it from a local bakery/cake decorating supply store. Any store like that would likely have something similar. They’re used on wedding cakes all the time!

      1. Awesome! I don’t know if we have anything like that around me but I will check it out, thank you so much!

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