Pop of Color – An easy furniture makeover

Pop of Color Easy Furniture MakeoverI think we’ve all heard many times about the power of paint transforming a space. It’s an inexpensive change and something you can do just about anytime. But, truth be told, I have a really hard time when it comes to committing to a color. So, when a “pop of color” challenge was issued to us Lowe‚Äôs Creative Ideas bloggers, I couldn’t decide what to do. And, then I was standing in the backyard staring at our old, sad little bench when inspiration struck. Old wooden bench makeoverSee! Look at that sad, old thing! The bench was practically begging for a makeover! With our VERY neutral, desert southwest backyard, I figured this would be the perfect piece for a pop of color! And it was SO easy to do that I’m totally sold on trying this more often! DIY furniture makeoverThe first step was giving the bench a good sanding to try to get off as much as the old finish as possible, along with smoothing things out and taking care of any splinters. Once that was done and the bench was wiped down, we did a little taping around some of the metal edges. Then, we started painting using Valspar’s cherry red (glossy interior/exterior) paint! At Lowe’s the paint was only about $10. So, that’s makes this a very inexpensive makeover! photo(25)One thing I loved was that the boys were SO eager to help. So, I let them paint the larger bottom slats, while I did the detail work along the top and around the edges. I LOVE the end result! And, even more, I love that it was a family effort and now the boys are so excited about our little red bench! Red BenchAmazing what a simple pop of color can do, isn’t it? (And no, I’m not talking about the pop of color from those pesky green weeds ūüėČ ). This bench was on the verge of getting put out on the bulk trash pick-up. Instead, it has a whole new look and the backyard has a nice bright pop of color. It really changes the whole space over in that area. And, it looks great with our colorful, DIY bird feeders we made a couple of years ago! Colorful backyard bench
What furniture or outdoor space could use a pop of color at YOUR house?

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  1. Hannah C says

    This is SUCH an easy fix to an older bench that needs a lil bit of.. help ūüôā Thanks for the great idea!

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