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Family Camp Outdoor Adventures“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” – Jon Muir

There is SO much value in spending time going on outdoor adventures as a family. We love family travel for that very reason. But, even when we can’t get away far, we love spending time outdoors! In fact, going for hikes and nature walks are some of our very favorite family activities! So, we were thrilled to experience a whole day of outdoor family fun at our very first family camp thanks to a sponsored opportunity with the Boy Scouts of America. Scout Family CampThis was a great little family adventure weekend. Thankfully the cool(er) pines of Arizona are just a couple hours drive for us. So, we headed out on a little road trip up to the Flagstaff area for a whole day of outdoor family adventures with the Cub Scouts at Camp Kaibab!

Scouts in nothing new for our family as I was a member of the Girl Scouts for a few years during my childhood. Similarly, Mr. Mom Endeavors spent a good few years as a Cub Scout as well. And, in fact, my dad and the boys’ uncle both are Eagle Scouts!! But, we hadn’t actually started the boys in Cub Scouts yet. So this was a great introduction for them…and they loved it!

We started the morning with a flag ceremony and info about the event. The camp was organized with a whole series of fun stations with various crafts, skill-building, etc. that all took place outdoors. We started with a family nature hike, perfect to do in the morning when the temperatures are a little cooler. Love a nice hike! Camp Kaibab Nature HikeWe also got a nice lesson on first aid (complete with the boys getting their very own little first aid kits). That was definitely a good introduction for them. But, the survival skill that the boys were by far the most excited about was making fire!! They are STILL talking about this! Scout Campmaking fire

We were all successful too! So fun! And, I can’t believe I caught that bottom photo as the exact right second (probably not the smartest as far as safety goes, but I didn’t get burned and it’s a really cool shot)!! There was a bucket right below me to drop my little fire starter into!  Fire making survival skillIn addition to the fire-making though, the boys loved all the different craft stations!! Crafting combined with being outdoors is something this crafty mama can definitely get behind! We made “Eagle claw” necklaces, decorated bandanas, made blow guns, and paper rockets!! They seriously could not have been more excited! Cub Scout Campeagle claw necklacepaper rocketsThe boys loved everything, but the paper rockets were a HUGE hit! They loved making them and of course shooting them! They could have played at just this station for hours! Shooting paper rocketsExperiences like this are so valuable for the boys and our family as a whole! I feel SO strongly that it’s SO important to give kids a diversity of experiences. So I love that in just one beautiful Saturday in the pines, we were able to experience beautiful weather, the forest atmosphere, nature walks, crafts, survival skills, team-building, character-building, and family togetherness! That’s the recipe for a great family day! FamilyCampThe boys really had fun and Big Brother especially expressed interested in doing more activities like this, so we’re actively looking for a good Cub Scout Troop for him! For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, click here!

What would your kids’ favorite activity have been at family camp?

 Thanks to Boy Scouts of America for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions & experiences (and photographs) are entirely our own! GroupBanners.mh

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  1. I’m glad you all had such fun at the Boy Scouts’ camp. My son and husband are at their first overnight one right now, so it’s good to know that they’ll probably enjoy it.

  2. I’m a Cub Scout mom and leader and I couldn’t love this article any more! This is exactly what the program is all about! I’m so grateful you had such a rewarding experience!

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