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CB-sponsored-post-white-script-600Avengers Party IdeasAre you excited for MARVEL’S The Avengers: Age of Ultron (in theaters on May 1st)?!?! During the #AvengersEvent in LA, I had the pleasure of seeing the movie early…and I can tell you it’s REALLY good! Mr. Mom Endeavors is SO excited to see it and I have 3 little boys who are really excited about all the fun Avengers superhero toys & merchandise in the stores. So, as we gear up to watch the #AvengersUnite on the big screen, I was thrilled to partner with #CollectiveBias on an Avengers superhero party post!

Avengers Party Decór

Avengers Party DecorI love a good DIY project, but sometimes you just find the perfect items and don’t go the DIY route. That’s what happened for this party! I found the poster (at Walmart) and LOVED the color blocking & simplicity of the MARVEL superhero graphics. So, I decided on that poster as a backdrop. Avengers Party Decor & ToysAdd in some simple streamers and some toys as props and you have the perfect decór for a party table! The boys of course loved this decision as they’re rather thrilled with some superhero dress-up items!

Avengers Party Food

Avengers Superhero Party FoodThemed fun food is probably my favorite thing to make for any party and with all the fun Avengers & superheroes, the possibilities are nearly endless! Here’s what we decided on for our Avengers party menu:

  • Iron Man Chili Cheese Dip (<–click for dip recipe. Ironman’s face is made with cut pepperoni, cheddar cheese and a bit of sour cream for the eyes. I just used a picture of Iron Man & the mask we purchased to arrange the pepperonis and cheese to look as much like Iron Man as possible))
  • Captain America’s Shield Fruit Platter (SO easy! Just cut strawberries, bananas & blueberries. The star in the middle is a cookie cutter filled with our favorite fruit dip)
  • Avengers Pizza (with cut pepperonis arranged to make the Avengers logo)
  • Captain America’s Shield Rice Krispies Treats (<–click for directions)

Right now, there are also SO many fun Avengers-themed products! You’ll find your favorite superheroes on bags on Doritos, cans of Dr. Pepper, Kellog’s Fruit Snacks, even stamped onto Cheez-It crackers! So, we picked up some of those snacky foods to add to the menu as well! Avengers Movie SnacksEverything was a big hit, but I definitely think my favorites were the Avengers pizza & Iron Man dip. Not surprisingly, I think the kids were rather fond of the shield treats too! Avengers Pizza & DipAvengersPartyGroup

Avengers Party Activities

For our young superheroes, we had to have some fun activities! And, for this group of boys, the highlight was definitely “HULK SMASH” (said in your best Hulk voice, of course). There’s something extra fun about popping balloons (or at least my kids seem to think so). So, everyone donned some Hulk fists and set up to see if they could pop some balloons!

Hulk Smash Party ActivitySO much fun!! To set up the activity, we nailed balloons (through their little “belly button” tails) onto a large board. The nails helped attach the balloons, but also helped them pop when smashed just right. The kids LOVED this!!! Things are just more fun with giant Hulk hands! 😉

Another big hit was Hawkeye’s bow. Even though my boys haven’t seen the movie, they are so drawn to Hawkeye for some reason. So, they were QUITE excited about doing some Hawkeye target practice to help destroy Ultron! For this activity, I just printed out an image of Ultron and adhered it to a piece of poster board! EASY! Hawkeye's Ultron Target Practice ActivityAnd, everyone loved dressing up a bit and playing with the fun toys/accessories. Those Iron Man gloves actually make a blaster sound and light-up. SO cool! And, to save some money, you can buy some paper masks so that everyone can have fun! I set up a little Avengers backdrop to take some photos in front of – perfect for taking individual shots of each kid. Then, add in a little comic-style photo editing and you have REALLY fun photos to give your guests! Avengers Party Photo BoothAnd for a movie night party, make sure you have plenty of fun indoor activities too! I printed off some Avengers coloring pages (<—click to download the free printables). Then of course there were fun options like Avengers Disney Infinity and all the other Marvel movies!! Avengers Movie Night ActivitiesHost your own Avengers party!

Hosting your own Avengers party is SO easy – especially right now with all the excitement of the movie! I found everything I needed to throw our party at Walmart! Check the aisles for all kinds of fun Avengers-themed food, clothes (I picked up the boys matching superhero shirts – perfect for the party & an upcoming Disney trip), and toys!!  There’s also a fun app Super Heroes Assemble (available in iTunes and Google Play). You can unlock special content & features by scanning some of the fun Avengers merchandise at Walmart! You can even use the superhero accessories in the app to create themed photos – which could make for a fun party game in itself! #AvengersUniteYou can find other great Superhero Party resources & printables in these posts:

What Avengers party ideas do you love?

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  1. What a GREAT party! I love all of your fun Avengers food and the great game ideas. I saw the movie last night and I’m suddenly very drawn to Hawkeye as well, but I mean let’s just be honest, there’s so much hot in that movie it’s not even funny. The addition of James Spader’s voice as Ultron sent me completely over the edge. I think I was more excited about seeing that movie than I was during Magic Mike! 🙂 #client

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