New Year’s Party Drink Bucket

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Now that Christmas is behind us (I hope yours was fabulous by the way), we’re gearing up for New Year’s! As a #LowesCreator, my challenge this month was to “set the mood for a sparkly New Year’s celebration”. Hmmm…I don’t normally decorate for New Year’s (we usually always still have all of our Christmas decor still up), but we almost always have a little family fun time. In recent years past (post having the kiddos), New Year’s celebrations usually include some sort of family game night, fun appetizers/dips, and some various fun drinks. So, what a better celebration item than a year-customized sparkly New Year’s party drink bucket?! When “sparkle” gets thrown around, I immediately think of something glittery. I’d seen some of my fellow #lowescreator bloggers finding some awesome Valspar glitter spray paint. Alas, my two local Lowe’s have yet to carry it. So, I improvised with some other Valspar spray paint & glitter! To make your own New Year’s party drink bucket, you’ll need just a few simple supplies:

Metal Bucket (found in the paint area at Lowe’s)
Metal house numbers (found at Lowe’s for less than $1.50/number)
White Spray Paint
Glitter (if you don’t have glitter spray paint)
Ribbon (I used sparkly gold)

*If you find a good glitter spray paint, you could even spray paint the entire bucket to give it some extra sparkle. I decided to just make the numbers sparkly though. By getting the numbers this year, you’d only need to spend an extra $1 or so for the next few years to customize it for each New Year’s.

Completing the project is super easy! The longest part is just waiting for the spray paint to dry! 🙂 To complete your customized New Year’s party bucket, you’ll want to just lay out the house numbers & spray paint them. You can really use any color, but I wanted white with white & gold glitter. I thought that would pop a bit more against the silver bucket. To glitz up the numbers, I spray painted them white and immediately put on a generous helping of white & gold glitters. Note–if you’re doing it this way, mix your glitters first. I had two different bottles and different colors stuck better in different places (hence the uneven look). Or, of course, you can save a step if you can find a good glitter spray paint! And, if you’re metal bucket is shiny at all, you’ll probably want to paint both sides. Once dry, just lace some ribbon through the nail holes on the numbers & tie them to the handle part on the bucket. Once the “2013” numbers are attached, just add in ice and your favorite New Year’s drinks! Then, let the New Year’s celebrating begin! 😉


Dis­clo­sure:  I am a mem­ber of the Lowe’s Cre­ative Ideas Cre­ators & Influ­encers Net­work and receive a Lowe’s gift card to com­plete my projects. They are pro­vid­ing the $75 gift card for the give­away. However, all ideas, opin­ions, & expe­ri­ences are entirely my own.


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96 Responses

  1. Love this drink bucket and I love those metal buckets too! I use them for office storage! I think this year I may just like to stay home and watch movies/play games with the kids. We usually host a party but I am just not feeling it this year!

  2. We eat noodles because they signify long life. I keep a pocket full on money when the bell tolls at midnight to bring good luck in money for the new year.
    luckyseattlemom at gmail dot com

  3. With family and food. Because food is fun, relaxing, loving… you name it.

    For us, celebrating means relaxing, so we play games, watch movies, turn on the popcorn machine, and have a good time!

  4. New Year’s Eve is usually a bust for us. We’re asleep but if we’re lucky one of us will hear the TV countdown and wake the other up for a quick kiss and back to sleep. haha New Year’s Day we will spend at home with the kids, eating sauerkraut and black-eyed peas for good luck!

  5. I’m a bum. I like the “idea” of a fancy party. But honestly. I’d rather stay home with my hubby, pups and kiddo.

  6. NYE will be spent here at home!! Movies and take out with the kids 🙂 New Year’s Day- starting a new tradition- Going to have lunch with my mom. We both deserve a fresh start after 6 months of heartache, pain, and worries. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.

  7. We actually like to take it easy and throw a little party with the kids at home. We set off small fireworks outside and try to stay up to watch the ball drop. Some of us don’t make it till midnight though, lol.

    Love your crafty idea because it’s easy, sparkly and CUTE! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I like to do as little as possible because January is a super busy month for me work-wise and I like to get a little rest before that starts!

  9. We stay home and watch the ball drop while eating pizza and wings. New Year’s Day we spend in pj’s while I cook a ham for good luck.

  10. We tend to take down the Christmas decorations a little earlier than most people, because we start to decorate for Mardi Gras, which is early this year (Feb 12th).

  11. I love that bucket and it could be so versatile and use it year round!

    I love hanging out with friends and family, playing games and reminiscing about the past 🙂

  12. great idea! Actually did some crafting for Christmas with spray paint, epsom salts and glitter…loved it! a little messy though. For New Year’s, gotta watch the Rose Parade and then THE game!!

  13. My husband and I usually go out, but this is our first New Years as parents, so we will probably stay home and enjoy some family time

  14. Our kids are too young to stay up but we played a board game and when they went to bed we watched movie and relaxed. Today it is my grandma’s birthday so we brought her some home made tamales and sang Happy Birthday. Lovely time with family!

  15. we have a tradition where every member of the family makes another member’s favorite food. It’s always a lot of fun

  16. We usually stay home and watch the ball drop on TV. This year we went to a friend’s house and were home just in time to ring in the new year like always!

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