Minion Munch Snack Mix Recipe

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Minion Munch Snack MixMinion fans of any age will enjoy snacking on some tasty Minion Munch. This no-bake sweet and salty snack works great for a Minions Movie or Despicable Me movie nights or a whole fun Minions party! The best part is that you can whip it up in just a few minutes and it’s something the kids can help make too (or older kids could make all on their own)! Minions Party Snack Mix
Here’s the basic Minion Snack Mix Recipe:

– pretzels
– Rice Chex Cereal
– Minion shaped graham crackers (if you can’t find these, substitute with something else sweet – Minions cereal, mini graham crackers, or even banana chips)
– candy eyes
– yellow & blue M&M’s (we chose peanut, but any variety would be fine)
– yellow & blue candy coating

Start by melting the yellow and blue candy coating (in separate bowls) according to package directions. While that’s melting, spread out pretzels on to a large parchment-lined cookie sheet (at least 3 cups). Drizzle yellow candy coating on the pretzels.
Repeat the same process using blue candy coating and the rice cereal. Before the candy coating hardens, sprinkle with candy eyes.
Once the candy coating is hard, mix all ingredients in a large bowl.
For the M&M’s, have the kids sort through the bag and pick out all the yellow & blue candies. Add them to the bowl. And, that’s it!
Now you’ve got Minion Munch! So simple and SO many different ways you could do this. There’s really no way to go wrong!

Minions Party Snack Recipe
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