KRE-­O Transformers Beast Hunters Ripclaw Strike Building Set {Giveaway}! #BeastHunters

I felt the “boy mom” effect in full-force this week after Hasbro sent us a  KRE-O Transformers Beast Hunters Ripclaw Strike Building Set to review! Big Brother has never seen any Transformers shows. But, he actually has a couple of Transformers toys. And, he has just started getting interested in all the fun building sets out there in the past year. With his 6th birthday in just two weeks, we shared this building set with him as an early present. Check out this reaction!! Transformers #BeastHuntersCan we say, “excited”?! 😉 Anything with a giant Transformers dragon on it is sure to get some attention around here! It’s been some great homework motivation this week. As soon as he finished his homework each night this week, he got to have building time with Daddy (I think Daddy enjoyed it too! 😉 )Transformers BeastHunters Assembly At not quite 6, Big Brother wouldn’t have been able to build everything himself. But, with a little help, he sure had fun! The figurines that came in the set were immediate favorites! KRE-O Ripclaw figurinesThey built the dragon first, of course! Then the next night, they transformed it into the robot. It’s been an every night transformation party over here! 🙂KRE-O Transformers Ripclaw

This Transformers Beast Hunters Ripclaw set features the 2-in-1 options of the dragon or robot and two KREON figurines (as shown above). For more information about the set or to purchase, visit the Transformers Retail Site here. The kit retails for $16.99 and is recommended for ages 6-12. You can purchase there on the Hasbro site, or you can win it!


One lucky winner will receive the KRE-­O Transformers Beast Hunters Ripclaw Strike Building Set shown above!


Use the Raf­fle­copter form below to sub­mit entries (give the form a minute to load if you don’t see it right away). Com­plete as many (or as few) tasks as you like. ONE LUCKY WINNER gets the Transformers set!! :) Good luck!
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  1. Kelly D says

    I love Transformers Prime Beast Hunters toys because they encourage my kids to use their imagination and pretend like they are Transformers just like they see on t.v.

  2. Suzie Williams says

    I love them because they are a lot of fun for my son who really likes Transformers. They allow him to use his imagination to create different scenarios.

  3. 1955nurse says

    I love these toys because they take my grandson’s focus OF the TV etc. & onto something that sparks his imagination, creativity & thought process! Thanks for the chance, he’s LOVE this!

  4. Lacey j says

    I’ve never tried any of their toys, so I can’t say why I love them, but my son is crazy about transformers and would be thrilled to be able to play with this!

  5. christine hammer weideman says

    I like these because my son is really into transformers and I know he would enjoy them.

  6. Gayle S says

    It isn’t just Prime Beast Hunters Transformers that are loved around here, it’s ALL Transformers.
    My grandchildren can’t get enough of them, just like their Dads couldn’t when they were young.

  7. Melissa E says

    I love them because my son just started playing with Transformers, and I love to watch my Husband re-live his childhood playing with him.

  8. Jayme Hennessy says

    I love Transformers Prime Beast Hunters because they bring lots of entertainment and imagination usage for my two boys who are ages three and seven.

  9. Chrissy C. says

    My 3 and 5.5 year old boys have been watching the Playskool Transformers on Netflix recently and they would LOVE this set! 🙂

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