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It’s definitely the time of year to start thinking about holiday cards, especially if you like to send out personalized photo cards. We’ve sent out photo holiday cards since Big Brother’s first Christmas in 2007. They’re my favorite cards to give and receive. I love it when our ribbon card holder is filled up with fun photos from friends and family! One of the companies that I love ordering cards from is Tiny Prints. We loved the way Baby Brother’s birth announcements came out from them. And, we ordered our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints last year. They have such a fun variety of styles, layouts, and trims! Here’s what last year’s card looked like: Christmas Card last yearI loved the family photos we did for the card and that inside timeline. So, I knew I wanted something similar this year! Last year, I actually did the photos with a tripod & self timer. It was crazy. So, I decided to enlist a friend to help take some family photos for us while we were in Nebraska recently. We wore color-coordinating sweaters with red & gray. And, we took advantage of the fall colors. It worked out great! The boys cooperated, as did the weather. And, we ended up with some wonderful photos.

So, I’ve already been playing around with some of the fun Tiny Prints holiday cards. And, just like in past years, the hardest thing for me is deciding on which card to get! With Tiny Prints there are just SO many great options. My favorites are the folded cards (even though I love some of the unique trims on the flat cards) and now I’m having trouble deciding between my top 3 favorites. So, I want hear which one you like best! 🙂

Option A
“Filled with Peace” Folded Photo Card
(with fun inside layout options) Christmas Card Layout1

Option B
“Steadfast SwirlsTri-Fold Holiday Card
Christmas card layout2

Option C
“Plaid PleasureTri-Fold Holiday Card
Holiday card layout 3
See?! Tough call, right?! Dif­fer­ent styles, different lay­outs, dif­fer­ent wording. Oh my! I’m really struggling to decide between two of them! So, which one do YOU like best? Please vote in the com­ments! :)

And, now that we have holiday cards on the brain…how about a fun Tiny Prints giveaway?!…

One lucky Mom Endeavors reader will win 50 Tiny Prints Holiday Cards of their choice, plus FREE shipping! US Residents, 18+ years can enter using the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 11:59pm MST.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dis­clo­sure: This post is part of a spon­sored campaign with Tiny Prints. How­ever, all opin­ions, expe­ri­ences, crazy inde­ci­sive­ness, and photo card selections are entirely my own.

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73 Responses

  1. I like Option A as it is more simple and to the point. The trifold might get annoying if they come open constantly. I like the cards that have pictures on them the best vs. those that just have a saying on them. The personalization of these cards is just so cool to receive from others as well as to give.

  2. I’m totally feeling the Plaid one… it has all the components I like. The pics of your family are large and easy to see… plus it has a “backward” walking photo!” So cute! It looks fun and frolic-y!

  3. I vote for C. Love, love, love the plaid. The layout, the font…pretty much everything. The one thing I liked about B was that it did say Merry Christmas. That’s important to me…it is the reason for the season. Great pix of your family; I’m with Dara…I love the photo of your back view. Those are my favorites to take…when no one is expecting it!!!

  4. My favorite holiday cards are definitely photo cards. I love to see how my friends and their families are growing and changing from year to year! I love all of your options. You did a great job with the pictures! I would have to choose the first though. I like that it is a little more simple. Plus, as a receiver of cards, I find it very hard to display the tri fold ones!

  5. Oh-boy can I see why it is hard to decide! So to add to the confusion…. I like B best. 🙂 Tri-fold cards are fun and easy to display. (They stand on their own.) It is a Christmas AND New Years card. Seems I am always drawn to snowflakes this time of year, too. Great photos of a very handsome family. Big Hugs….

  6. I totally love Option A. So cute and simple, and a great way to update people on the highlights of the year! 🙂

  7. I like the option A above. I think its nice that it has all 3 boys and then the whole family. The layout looks great!

  8. I love photo holiday cards – they are my favorite. I save them and every christmas we look through old cards. I prefer your tri-fold option one.

  9. I like family photo cards. I like Wishful Wonderment from Tiny Prints. I can’t decide between your option A & C.

  10. I can see how you are having a dilemma choosing your card. You have a beautiful family and I like the second card because it includes Christmas and New Years. I always end up writing Happy New Year on my cards anyway so having it printed already is nice. Plus I also like the picture at the end with you all walking away, down the path. There is something peaceful about it.
    I also like the first card because it is a flat card as opposed to a tri-fold. I also like the areas near each boy’s picture where you can write a blurb specifically about him. Keeps it to the point, but gives info. Plus I love the expressions on each of their faces. Your photographer did good! You have your work cut out for you with these cards. But really, they are both great and either would do you well. Maybe you could split your order and get half one print and half the other!
    I personally like the picture cards best because I can see how the kids have changed from year to year. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m getting up on my soapbox for this next part, but I speak for many people that would never say it out loud and since I lost my filter when I left home, I’m not afraid to step forward and open my mouth. We also enjoy a personal handwritten note (even if it’s short), not the form letters. They are cold and make one feel like the weren’t worthy of a personal note and/or you’re just bragging about all the things that little Janie and Johnny did and Scruffy the dog got his PhD, all the vacations you took, Johan got a promotion and a raise at work etc. You know what, it’s overwhelming and exhausting because we only hear from you once a year. We also don’t care for when people can’t be bothered to sign their own names either, then use a sticker from a spreadsheet program to put your address on the envelope. Do you even know who you are sending a card to when a company prints your name inside the card and you don’t even address the envelope yourself? You could be sending cards to people that died twenty years ago! Don’t bother sending me one! The point is, for many people, this is your only contact all year. You’re spending nearly fifty cents to mail the card and a dollar or so to have it made. Make it count! We know people are busy, but Great Aunt Jean who you only see at Thanksgiving, every other year, when your Dad brings her to dinner from the assisted living home, looks forward to your special notes. She’s getting up in years and isn’t going to be around forever. And she still knits you that special pair of mittens every year for Christmas that you love, even though her eyesight isn’t what it used to be. The long and the short of it is think about who you are sending it to. We need to get away from the electronics for once a year and pick up a pen and write for a change. That goes for the kids too. Those that are old enough should send thank you notes for the gifts they receive(and not just for holiday gifts either-ALL GIFTS). Especially for those gifts that come from far away. Etiquette is not taught to kids nowadays but it should be. Okay, jumping down from soapbox now. Those that wouldn’t say it themselves thank you all for listening.

  11. I love whimsical and colorful Christmas photo cards! I love all of yours I don’t think I could pick a favorite! 🙂

  12. I like Option A the best. It is clean and simple looking. It’s not too busy and has just the right amount of words. Plus I love the little bios on the inside.

  13. I love all of those cards! I vote for Option A though. My favorite cards are always photo cards — I love seeing how everyone’s kids change from year to year!

  14. I love photo cards so I can look back and see how much everyone has grown through the years! And I would go with option A. 🙂

  15. I like cards with cute figures on them like penguins. I also like lots of rooms for pictures too. My favorite by the way of your choices is “Filled with Peace” Folded Photo Card.

  16. I like Option A. It looks like it introduces the familly with photos & a little explanation.
    Plus I like the holiday message.

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