Hand and Footprint Bat

We’re completely batty over here for these adorable hand and footprint bats!

So easy and cute–a great way to preserve memories of those precious little hands & feet! The only thing even remotely difficult about this little craft is making sure the kids don’t move their hands too much.  It was MUCH harder with the 18 month olds than the 3 year olds.  And, I didn’t even try this one with the 6 month old by myself, although I think a baby bat would be quite cute.

To make these cute little flying mammals, just apply your kiddos’ painted hands and foot to your choice of colored paper. Use pinky fingerprints to make the ears.  Once dry, apply googly eyes, draw a mouth, and cut out.  Then, put them somewhere cute! 🙂

What Halloween crafts are YOU batty for?


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