Tips for Drinking More Water – Hydration Challenge & 50 Strong Giveaway!!

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Do you struggle to get at least 64oz of water in a day? I do, even though I live in the dry Arizona desert! But, I’m making an effort to change that! So, I’m thrilled to partner with sponsor 50 Strong on the 30-Day Hydration Challenge and share some tips for drinking more water!

I think it’s safe to say that we ALL know that drinking water (and drinking enough water) is important for good health! There are SO many benefits (like improving skin & digestion, speeding up metabolism, boosting energy, etc). And it should be SO easy, right?! I mean, it’s just drinking water! But for SO many of us, it seems to NOT be a very easy task! I’ve realized recently that this is one “healthy living” area that could really use some improvement in my life. So, the 30-Day Hydration Challenge couldn’t have come at a better time!

About the 30-Day Hydration Challenge…

50 Strong CEO Ashley Thompson runs a water bottle company, but, ironically, she really dislikes drinking water! HA! So, during the month of April 2017, join Ashley decided to take on  on a personal challenge to get her 64oz.of water in daily. And, she’s invited all of us to join her! Get inspired, hydrated and check out 50 Strong’s Facebook page each week to enter for a chance to win their Simply Better Bottles (and we’ve got an awesome giveaway here!)! The bottles are AWESOME! And it can be join a challenge to help with motivation. So, here are some tips to help get you to your goal!

Tips for Drinking More Water…

  • Join the hydration challenge or start your own group with friends! Having an accountability buddy can help you with your goals!
  • Add water to your morning ritual by starting each day with a glass of ice cold water!  Drinking water right when you wake up can really help jump start your day.
  • Set an alarm (or use your fitness monitor) to drink water each hour. When you get alerted that it’s time to get moving, make sure you include taking a drink too!
  • Jazz up your water with fresh fruit & veggies- lemon, strawberries, lime, oranges, and cucumbers are some of my favorite items to add to my water.
  • Keep water within reach when you’re working. It will help encourage you to sip all day and reach your daily goal. (In fact, I have one of my Be 50 Strong bottles right next to me as I type this post)
  • Add a straw! If you find that you don’t drink enough out of cups or certain water bottles, try something with a straw! The straw really makes a difference for me!
  • On that note, buy a water bottle you love (find your favorite among any of the 50 Strong Simply Better Bottles!). You’re more likely to carry it and use it if it’s one you love! I’ve found that I really like the Big 36/Chug 36,. Not only does this bottle get me more than halfway to my daily 64 oz, but it has a straw and it FITS IN THE CAR CUPHOLDER! YES!!! 

Isn’t that AWESOME?! All the 50 Strong Simply Better Bottles are great, but I really love this big one! If I can drink just two of those a day, I’m already over my 64 oz goal! It’s really easy to keep track of that way! The 50 Strong Simply Better Bottles are made in the USA, BPA free & dishwasher safe! Yes, yes, and YES! PLUS, all the water bottles have mix ‘n’ match parts, including interchangeable tops (so you’ll always find the perfect match!) and soft, flexible lanyards for easy carrying (great for moms on-the- go who need an extra hand!). SO handy! And the prices are GREAT for the quality (under $13/bottle)!!!

If you’d like to try the bottles, we’ve got a 10% off code!!! Until the end of April (when the challenge ends), you can visit the 50 Strong Simply Better Bottles site and enter code HydrationChallenge17 to save! AND…we also have an AWESOME giveaway for one lucky winner!!!….

50 Strong GIVEAWAY!!

One lucky Mom Endeavors reader will WIN a one-time use $50 PROMO CODE (+ free shipping) to purchase their own awesome assortment of Simply Better Bottles! This is a great way to help you meet your hydration goals (or could make an awesome gift for a friend)! So hurry & enter today on the widget below! Giveaway runs through April 30, 2017 and is open to U.S. Residents, 18+ years and older. GOOD LUCK! 
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8 Responses

  1. There are also apps that will help you drink more water. The one I use has you water a plant each time you drink water. If you do not water the plant it dies. Something about the guilt of killing something helps keep me on track.

  2. I would love to win for I am walking 10,000 steps for 90 days and a new bottle would help with my hydration

  3. I think its really important to have a water bottle that you like. I have learned that if I really do not like the one I have then I will not carry it. I also just plain forget about it. I love insulated bottles because I am a working mom on the go. I love to have a water bottle in my bag for me or my little one because you never know when you will need a drink. And I love nice cold water.

  4. Oh I fill a pitcher in the fridge with my water goal for the day. Its easy for me to see how much I have left to meet my goal.

  5. I like to add fresh lemon to my water. Helps me to continue to drink that water and stay away from sugary drinks.

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