Halloween weekend

We had a fun-filled weekend!  Did you?
Our Halloween festivities kicked off Friday night with a family pumpkin carving party. 
For treats, we enjoyed our yummy spider web snacks that we had made earlier that day. Then we roasted 3 different flavors of pumpkin seeds–one batch using this yummy recipe for maple spice seeds.  
For Halloween, we enjoyed doing a family-theme once again.
And, true to form thus far, we stuck with a theme involving animals!  I may be just slightly biased, but I happen to think these two are the cutest underwater creatures two snorkelers could find!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!  
Now, on to all things Thanksgiving!  Happy November!


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    I love those baby cheeks! How sweet! Thanks for linking up your costumes! I love the family theme idea. One of these days… Have a great weekend!

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