Grilling Ideas & Recipes {Roundup}

Although we grill basi­cally year round, Memo­r­ial Day def­i­nitely seems the like the “offi­cial” start to the grilling sea­son. So, I decided to roundup some great grilling ideas from around the web and share them here for all your sum­mer BBQ needs! :)

Main Meats

Grilled Brats

If you are look­ing for a way to “spruce” up your plain ‘ole burg­ers on the grill, why not cre­ate a burger bar like this one from Hoosier Home­made?! Such a great idea!

And, these wrapped hot­dogs are such a cute way to spruce up the table in a more patri­otic way–perfect for Memo­r­ial Day this weekend!


With all those great main dishes, you cer­tainly need some good sides to go with. Here are a few that would go well–most of which are also made on the grill!


While you’re out­side & have the grill fired up any­way, how about try­ing some desserts on the BBQ?!

What are YOUR favorite grilling recipes?

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