Grill Up Your Summer with Tropical Teriyaki Kabobs!!

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Tropical Teriyaki KabobsThese tropical teriyaki kabobs were for the best dinner we’ve had in a LONG time! We’ve been getting more adventurous with our grilling lately (did you see the grilled desert we made?!)! So, when I heard that Smart & Final and Cattleman’s Finest were putting on a summer grilling contest, I knew I wanted to participate! We put together these tasty kabobs for a delicious weeknight meal!

Here’s the recipe…

beef (we used a 2lb. Cattleman’s Finest tri-tip oven roast that worked great!!)
large raw shrimp
fresh pineapple 
orange & red bell peppers
sweet onion
1. Cut the meat into cubes (try to keep the sizes as even as possible and not too large–I aimed for about 1 square inch cubes. Also, trim off any additional fat.)
2. Clean the shrimp (peel off the shell & tails and rinse)
3. Marinate the meat in a teriyaki sauce (use any teriyaki-style marinade you like. I chose to use a homemade tropical teriyaki sauce that was DELICIOUS! If you choose to make it, I recommend doing that first, before prepping any of the meat. That way, the flavors have a chance to blend well. For marinating, I just placed the beef & shrimp in a large sealable baggie with about 1.5C of the homemade teriyaki marinade. Allow at least one hour for the meat to marinate, ideally, flipping the baggie over about half-way through.)
4. Cut the pineapple and veggies (just like with the meat, try to keep the sizes as similar as possible.)
5. Assemble the kabobs (put the meat, fruit, & veggies on to the skewers in any order you like! I aimed to have at least two of each item per kabob! *IMPORTANT: If using bamboo skewers, you MUST soak them in water before assembly. I recommend soaking for at least 30 minutes to one hour–easy to do while the meat is marinating). Grilling Tropical Kabobs6. Grill ’em up! (grill over medium heat for about 8 minutes per side. To avoid too much burning, we turned them every 3-4 minutes, and rotated placements on the grill as needed). Baste with unused marinade. We used a thickened version of the homemade tropical teriyaki sauce.
Grilled Tropical Teriyaki Kabobs
Don’t they look SO good?!

7. Serve, eat and enjoy! (we plated ours on top of some steamed brown rice. Delish!! And, in keeping with our tropical theme, we served up some ambrosia “salad” for dessert! So good) Grilled Kabobs

How do YOU like to grill up your summer?

Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias #GrillUpYourSummer. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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  1. Sounds fabulous… I love teriyaki and pineapple. I'm betting the two together are great. We finally got a grill, so I'm collecting grilling recipe. Will have to try this one soon!

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