Gardening with Kids!

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I’ve been wanting a garden for a long time, and we finally broke ground last weekend! The soil here (in the Phoenix area) is full of clay and our designated area happened to also be FULL of rock (and a little out of control grass). So, we started by getting rid of all of that!

We still have a few steps to take care of before the “fun stuff” and I’m so eager to get started! And, yes, because of our desert climate, there is actually a fall planting season here!

Big Brother is beyond excited, which is no surprise as he loves playing outside, nature, and digging in the dirt! And, Little Brother is definitely following suit (and yes, has eaten some dirt this week–yikes)!! So far, it’s been a great activity whole family to participate in and one with so much educational value for the kids!  As a high school biology teacher (currently on leave) married to a molecular biologist, we’re all about sharing our love for “nerdy science” things with the boys! :) And, gardening is certainly a wonderful living laboratory–your very own little backyard ecosystem. We’re even going to get some earthworms to add to our soil! 🙂

I’m getting SO excited about all the possibilities! Like, how awesome would a rainbow garden be?! Super fun!

{source: Not Just a Housewife}

We love our new stenciled watering can & can’t wait to put it to good use! And, speaking of watering cans, I think this Chameleon Watering Can is soooo cute! Really, I love the entire Sunny Patch Outdoor Toy line from Melissa & Doug–so many adorable kids’ gardening products!

In researching different ideas, I was amazed at how many different sites there are dedicated just to gardening with kids!   If you’re interested in getting some ideas or products, here are a few good places to start:

So, stay tuned for more gardening fun coming soon! Can’t wait to share how it all turns out!

Do YOU have a garden? Please share your favorite tips, tricks, and links in the comments! 🙂

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  1. I live in the Mesa area and I was curious about what you are planting? I live in an apt with full on western sun so a garden won’t work but I’ve been thinking about a container garden.

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