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Hello, my friends!
My name is Alison, and my little blogging home is called Oopsey Daisy.
I am the queen of oopsey daisies.  I love to create beautiful things, and I usually stumble a bit (or a lot) along the way!  My blog tells the twists and turns of my crafting journeys.  I draw upon my teaching experience to make fun things for my sweet 2-year-old son.  I also love sewing, organizing, cooking/baking, and decorating our home.
I had the wonderful privilege of finally meeting Sara in person at Creative Estates a few weeks ago.  She is just as friendly and kind as I had imagined.  What an amazing lady!  I am so thrilled to be a guest here on Mom Endeavors. 
I’ll be honest:  I love to make projects for ME.  But my most fulfilling creations are the ones I can share with my Little Man. I am always searching for ways to make our days together just a little bit more exciting and meaningful.  Today, I want to share a few ideas for kids. 
Although I can’t carry a tune to save my life, I do love to sing with Little Man.  One of our favorite songs is  Old McDonald.  We sing along using these fun props that I made using a foam-board barn and wooden animals found at JoAnn’s.
I love a little bit of learning mixed in with fun!  In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday in March, I threw a  Dr. Seuss Play Date for Little Man and his cousin.  They even dressed up like Thing 1 and Thing 2.
I have a sweet tooth, and guess what??  So does my son!  I truly believe that most fun involves food.  I made this racecar snack for Little Man when we were learning about cars and trucks.  He loved it!  Plus it was simple to make.

 I love to teach through games, and Little Man loves matching games.  I made this owl matching game using lids from frozen juice cans.
Little Man is just starting to become interested in I-Spy Bags.  I made an ocean-themed bag as well as a farm-themed bag.  It has been a great way to occupy him during church!

Slowly but surely, we are learning our ABC’s.  Little man loves using this Chicka Chicka Boom Boom File Folder Game to practice naming his ABC’s.  Guess what??  You can download your own game to make one, too!
Last fall, I watched kids prepare to go back to school, and I got that teaching itch.  I started teaching “Mommy School” at home.  We have a different theme for each unit where we learn a letter of the week along with a number, shape/color, and nursery rhyme.  It’s very simple, but it gives our days together more purpose. These are some of the activities we did during our A is for Apples week.

Now I try to organize all of my ideas and visual aids into packets that are free to download.  My favorite unit so far is the Z is for Zoo Mommy School Packet.  We had a “wild” time!  All of the packets I have created are available for you to print, too!

I am still learning how to entertain and teach Little Man at the same time, but these are some of my favorite tools in my arsenal.
Sara, thanks so much for having me over to your place today!  
You are fabulous!

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I’m Sara, a mom to three adorable boys living in the Arizona desert. As a former teacher, I love sharing my passions with others. So, have a look around for creative inspiration about cooking, creating, celebrating, traveling with kids, and more everyday mom endeavors!


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  1. I made I spy bags not long ago and bottles! Fun. I love the Old Mcdonald Barn and the matching can lids. What cute and great ideas!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love all the crafts! I'm going to check out the Mommy School packets. I'm doing some "school" with my son and need some more stuff to do. Thanks for sharing all of this!

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