Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Fresh Fruit PopsiclesWe just had a fun playdate and did a fresh fruit popsicle bar as part of it! We’ve got an insta-pop maker that makes popsicles in just a few minutes! So, a build-your-own popsicle bar was an awesome thing to do with the kids! Juicy Juice Fruit Popsicle BarI started by chopping up some fresh fruit that my kids like (and what I had on hand). Really, any fruit that your kids like is perfect for this. We could have even done more choices too – or a wider variety of colors (like adding some kiwi, blueberries, etc). But, all I had on-hand was strawberries, nectarine, apples, and bananas. So, we just went with that. I just set out all the ingredients and let the kids decide what fruit they wanted. So really, these turned into fruit salad popsicles! 😉  Fresh fruit popsicle barWe stuffed the fresh fruit into the molds, added the sticks, and then poured some Juicy Juice apple juice into the wells. Using a lighter juice (like apple) really helps makes the fruit stand out and all the fruit flavors go together well! The results are so pretty (& tasty)! Fruit Salad PopsiclesHomemade Fruit PopsiclesFruit Salad PopsYUM! I love how pretty they look with all the fresh fruit in there! And, they were a hit with the kids! (This photo totally cracks me up as not a single boy is actually looking at the camera ;))Homemade Fresh Fruit PopsIf you’d like the ability to make popsicles in minutes, a quick pop maker is awesome. You can order on Amazon (using my affiliate link) here —> ZOKU Quick Pop Maker

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