6 Family Staycation Ideas {Travel Tuesday}

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If you’re trying to find some fun summer activities for the kids but don’t want to blow your budget on camps or vacation, consider planning a staycation. Staying close to home not only saves you money on traveling expenses, but it can also be a lot less stressful than packing for camp or planning a vacation. Here are six family staycation ideas for summer:

  1. Hiking – Take a trek for a few hours and explore the landscape at a nearby park or state forest. Pack a picnic basket for lunch and a few granola bars to enjoy along the way. Hiking in Nebraska
  2. State fair – Experience the livelihood of your state through food, culture and much more. If you can’t make it to your state’s fair, consider taking a weekend road trip to see what a neighboring state has to offer.
  3. Farm or orchard – Spend a day learning about all the hard work that goes into maintaining a farm or orchard. Enjoy some delicious treats straight from the source, like farm fresh eggs or an apple right off the tree.
  4. Zoo – Discover a wide variety of animals and their habitats at the zoo. On the car ride there, have the kids make a list of all the animals they’d like to see. Don’t forget to bring the camera along for this excursion. Wildlife World Zoo
  5. Movie marathon – For this staycation idea, you won’t even need to leave the house. Find a movie trilogy or several movies all with the same actor and settle in for a movie marathon. Don’t forget the popcorn and candy.
  6. Public beach or water park – If you live close to a beach, pack a cooler with some sandwiches and water bottles and spend the day there. If that’s too far, head to a nearby water park for some splashing and relaxing.

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What are your favorite staycation ideas?

This is a guest post written by Katherine Link. Katherine Link has experience writing and editing for the web. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Business. Currently based in Cleveland, Katherine enjoys baking, traveling and spending time with her family.

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3 Responses

  1. New Orleans is a great place for a staycation…. as long as it’s not RIGHT NOW – the heat is just horrible coupled with humidity, you feel like you can’t breath. So, anywhere INSIDE for a staycation. Lol. Like home!

  2. These are really great ideas for a family staycation! The kids always enjoy spending an afternoon at the park or the zoo. No need to take expensive trips out of town!

  3. This looks like a blast. My husband and I always wanted to do something like this with the kids. Usually we just go to these awesome water parks in Ohio every summer. There such a good time, and there are so many other things to do at the resort. Thanks for posting, I want to make a blog of our next family vacation now!

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