Family Staycation – 10 Planning Tips!

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Have you started thinking about your spring break and summer break travel plans yet? It’s NO secret that we’re BIG fans of family travel! But, sometimes staying close to home can be just as fun! If the budget is tight, you’re short on time, or you just don’t feel like venturing far from home, consider planning a fun family staycation! We’ve done quite a few staycations over the years and they are a great way to enjoy your own home city! So, I’ve teamed up with with Frigo® Cheese Heads® to bring you a fun staycation series! We’re kicking things off with some staycation planning tips to help get you started!  10 Family Staycation Planning Tips

10 Family Staycation Planning Tips:

1. Home vs. Hotel. There are two schools of thought on staycations. Some view a staycation as staying at home, in your own house, and having fun at or near home. To others, a staycation is having a “vacation” in your home city, where you stay at a hotel and enjoy local activities. So, the first thing you’ll need to decide is what kind of staycation you’ll be having! If you’ve got time for a longer staycation, it might be extra fun to combine the two with a few nights at home and a few in a nearby hotel!

2. Plan Ahead. Plan for your staycation just like you would any vacation to another city! Set your dates, check the calendar for local events and activities, and book any tickets or special reservations in advance.

3. Clean the house before. A staycation at home is so much better when the house is nice and clean. You know you won’t be able to relax as much with heaps of laundry in the hallway and a sink full of dishes. And, if you’re staying at a local hotel, coming home to a clean house is the best feeling!

4. Do It with Friends! Team up with your friends for some extra fun! Plan to stay at the same hotel together or schedule activities together! The kids will be thrilled to have some time with friends…and the parents will surely enjoy some adult conversation!

5. Set a Budget. Just like you would any other vacation, set a budget and try to stick to it! A staycation can be a great money-saver compared to trips farther away, but admission costs, activities, and meal costs can add up quickly! So, make a budget ahead of time so you’re not overspending.

6. Look for local deals! Once you have your budget and dates scheduled, you can start scouting deals in the area. Many times local deal sites have discounts on admissions, memberships, etc. You may even find special FREE events going on in your area at that time. This list has all kinds of staycation ideas across the nation!

7. Change up your routine. Make your staycation different than every other day at home. Stay up late watching movies, set up a tent in the backyard, make unique breakfast, make a family sleeping fort in the living room or a lunch picnic in the living room with a movie – just some unique activities you wouldn’t  normally do!

8. Vacation Mode. Have a more carefree attitude just like you would on vacation! If you’re at home, don’t get sucked into normal tasks (work, house chores, phone calls, etc.). Treat it like an actual vacation – unplug from work, don’t stress about the dishes, and enjoy!

9. Plan Meals Ahead of Time. If you’re staying at home, have a game plan for meals and do your shopping in advance. Consider making some meals in advance as well. Also, make a game plan with the restaurants you’d like to eat at. No one wants to spend a bunch of time deciding on what to have for dinner when you’re in vacation mode!

10. Have One Splurge! Plan one thing during your staycation that is a “splurge” for your family – maybe it’s a trip to the fun new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, a trip to a local place that you wouldn’t normally spend the money on, or maybe it’s just cooking a special fancy meal at home. Everyone will love getting to do something extra special! Just make sure to budget for it!

Have YOU done a family staycation? What are your best tips?

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  1. Great tips! Sometimes a staycation is just what the dr. ordered and it also allows you to play tourist in your own town which can be a lot of fun too!

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