DIY Wild Kratts Party Decorations & Activities

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Throwing a party centered around a relatively new kids’ show, Wild Kratts, meant doing just about everything DIY-style! I’ve already had a few emails & questions about how we made certain things, so without further ado, here are some details/directions on how we made everything for our Wild Kratts Party!

Creature Power Suits

We opted to make creature power suit vests for each of our little party guests, just like the Kratt brothers on the show!
They were inexpensive to make & relatively easy–even “no-sew”! Full directions on making the creature power suits can be found here:

Creature Power Discs

For the party, I spent LOTS and LOTS of time scouring the internet for various ideas & resources I could use for the party (since there is almost no Wild Kratts merchandise available). Somehow, I discovered two sites with mamas that know how to use Illustrator/Photoshop really well and did an amazing job of creating some creature power discs!! It was extra awesome that their discs are SO similar in colors and appearance. The first set of discs was found here on Aurora Wells. And, the second set was found here. Aren’t they perfect?!

Once you save the file, you can use it as a template or resize as you like (within reason–if you try to go too large, they will look pixelated). We resized them a few different ways–which was perfect for the number of ways I used them!

For the actual suits, we sized each file to take up about a full piece of copy paper–it made each disc just shy of 3 inches or so. Then, we cut out all the discs we wanted to use (I ended up using 4 from each file). For the discs to stand up to use by kiddos & be able to be reused, we laminated the discs.Β  I have this Scotch Thermal Laminator with laminating sheets and I LOVE it! It’s perfect for projects like this and really easy to use. I could fit 7-8 discs per laminating sheet and the process was so easy that Big Brother even helped! Then, we had lots and lots of creature power discs to cut out!!

Once the laminated discs are all cut out, place a small piece of velcro on the back of each disc (we opted to put the soft loop side on the shirts and the hard hook part on the discs). Each guest then received a baggy with a set of creature power discs in it.

You can use the discs in many other ways too–we printed out a few more copies for just some general decorations and made some that were a bit smaller that were perfect for cupcake toppers!! I just used my circle puncher on them & taped them to lollipop sticks! It was great for creating a Wild Kratts look without having to go “all out” on the cake and cupcakes!! πŸ™‚

Party Activities

We had 3 organized activities (all centered around our creature power discs) that required very little work/prep (or $$). Here’s what we did:

1. Bug Hunt:

This was so easy to organize–you just need bugs & something to collect them in. I wanted something that looked kind of like a jar, but certainly didn’t want glass. So, I opted for the plastic storage containers with the twist on lids–perfect and inexpensive. And, we found a decent assortment of plastic bugs at the dollar store. Here’s a little sampling of what we found:

The quality of the bugs wasn’t quite as good as some I’ve seen, but it was the best cost per bug ratio that I could find! πŸ™‚ So, each kiddo got their “bug container” which already contained a plastic butterfly & small magnifying glass (found at a party supply store) and then we did the bug hunt. Here’s a zoomed in photo (not the greatest quality) of the “bug jars” all lined up with some “cheetah tails” on top!

2. Cheetah Tag:

This activity was SO simple! The kiddos donned their cheetah creature power discs and ran around–they had to move quickly to try to grab each other’s “cheetah tails” off! For the tails, I was thrilled to find these animal print pipe cleaners (which I didn’t realize wasn’t the “PC” term–and they now say “chenille stems”) at Hobby Lobby.

Each bag contained multiple stems of each print. So, I just took all of the like stems from each pack (I only needed 2) and twisted them together. Then, we just lightly attached/tucked in the tails to the kids’ pants. Easy peasy!

3. Fishing

This one was a little more involved (but not bad at all) and was definitely the crowd favorite!

Because of the directions though, it will be getting it’s own post. So stay tuned for that. This activity would be great just for something fun to do over the summer too! *Update: find directions for the fishing activity here!


The favors and activities really was where we did the most with the party. For general decor, we had some balloons, a bit of crepe paper (the zebra print crepe paper was a fun find), and really just used a lot of our plush & plastic animals. That was perfect for decorating the dessert table.

Brown craft paper works great for a party like this–you can cover tables, use it for backdrops, and vines!!

Making the vines is SO easy! Basically just tear/cut some strips, then crumple and twist. If you need a better visual, you can check out this little tutorial on Family Fun.

Animal Cut-outs:

The animal cut-outs was about the only decorating we did outside–it definitely added to the animal theme feel out there!!

Safari AnimalsGiven the detail of these, I’ll also have a separate post coming with details all about these cute creatures! πŸ™‚

So, that’s how we did everything for the Wild Kratts Party! If you have any other questions, let me know!

Disclosure: *This post contains an affiliate link.

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27 Responses

    1. Hi Lisa–sorry, I don’t yet. But it’s in the works! The alligators & hippo ideas came from a book called, “Hello Cupcake” (lots of cute decorating ideas there)! πŸ™‚

  1. Any chance that you could send me the 3 inch “resized” creature power suit discs of the animals? I’ve tried to save them and adapt the size and it’s not working for some reason.

    1. Maggie, I’m sorry! I actually didn’t save any of the files. We just copied the image into a word file and then resized from there.

      1. Hi Sara, I love all your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them. I’m having a hard time resizing your images too. What size did you make the disks and did you just print them from Word? Mine get too pixelated when I enlarge them.

        1. Hi Amy! In the post, I think it says that we resized them to about 3 inches or so. If you go too big they will too pixelated. When grabbing the image file from the sites, make sure that click on the image (then it should pull up a bigger version of the file) and then grab it (whether you’re doing a screen shot on a mac or right click or drag). Then, I just put the image in a word file and resized until each disc was about 3 inches across. For us then, they came out fine. Hope that helps a little!

          1. Another easy way to make them about 3 in each is to use sizing options in the print menu. just choose to print the current jpg image … select paper size as normal or (8.5×11) and select fit to paper size option (may say a variable of this)…. hope this helps! what we moms do to make our little people happy!

  2. I love your Wild Kratt party. We too are having a Wild Kratt themed party next month and I’ve been looking online for a few months now for more ideas and today just stumbled on yours. LOVE all that you did…great job! Do you have any idea when you will be posting more details on the fishing game?? I definitely want to do that!

    1. Thanks, Cheri! How exciting!! The fishing post is going live early next week. So, please stay tuned! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Our front yard is gravel of course, but the back has a nice grass patch! We love it! πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for all the great ideas! My boys are already looking forward to a WildKratts party three months from now. . . my fault for starting to talk about it this early. I just made the Creature Power suits for them to use in the meantime. They were easy to make, thank you so much for the instructions!

    1. How fun, Gina! So glad you found them easy to make and the boys are already loving their suits! Thanks for sharing!! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you so much for sharing all of your awesome Wild Kratt Birthday ideas. Any chance of the link to the animal cutouts going live? I have my son’s birthday coming up and I think those are the greatest yard decorations and would love to know how you made them. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Frances! So glad you’re enjoying all the ideas! And, so sorry the animal post isn’t up yet. I definitely still need to do that! It’s actually the most complicated of any of the things–basically, you’ll need large sheets of particle board (think peg board with no holes) and either a good drawing hand OR some clip art & a projector. From there, you’ll need to use a jigsaw to cut out the animals & then spray paint your color choices. Hope that brief description helps at least a little bit. Will post the link once it goes up too.

  5. I just wanted to say that after months of my son asking for a soccer party (and having made most of the arrangements) he changed his mind ONE WEEK OUT and asked for a “Kratts party.” Thankfully, I found your party tips online and they saved me. I made the vests, the discs, and some of the snacks (as well as some of my own) and the party was a HUGE success. Thanks so much for posting and for giving such clear directions!

    1. Aw, that’s awesome!!! Comments like this make my day!! Thank you for taking the time to come tell me! I’m so glad it helped you pull off an awesome party for your son! πŸ™‚

  6. I love your animal silhouettes, especially the baby elephant holding on to the mama elephant! how did you make them? Or where did you buy them? I absolutely love them. Great job on the party!!

    1. Hi Jennifer! They were made! I actually still need to do the post on this, so stay tuned for that! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi! You did an amazing job on this party! I too am doig a wk party this weekend and working on the discs. Did you print on regular paper? I have seen some other blogs from moms who did photo paper or card stock. Wasn’t sure if I needed to do that or if the plain paper would work. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Laura…honestly, I don’t remember. If you’re going to laminate them like I did, I don’t think it would matter at all. If not though, I would definitely do card stock!

  8. Thank you so much for your ideas, we did all of them, on my 7th years old son’s birthday party. We had a blast!!! He even came with some ideas too, like jump with jump ropes for the Kangaroo power and put the tail on the elephant. I also found a create decoration company who helped me with the decoration.
    Best party ever!!!! Thank you mom.

  9. This is an awesome post – thank you for sharing your creativity! What a joy, I can’t wait to get started on getting this Wild Kratts party going for my 3-year old twins girls who lLOVE Wild Kratts! Thank you!

  10. Hi! Thanks so much for this post, its a shame there aren’t more places to get Wild Kratts merchandise! When you printed your power disks, did you just use regular printer paper or something a bit sturdier? I can’t wait to get started!

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