Easy DIY Darth Vader Star Wars Costume

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This DIY Darth Vader costume is easy to make and can be easily adapted for Halloween or even a runDisney event!
DIY Darth Vader Star Wars CostumeWe did a fun Star Wars themed birthday party for the boys recently where the young padawan Jedi training academy members fought Darth Vader. We knew we wanted to do this as part of our party, but the catch was having a costume (to fit a 6’4″ adult). Instead of buying one, we put together an inexpensive Darth Vader costume using a few supplies we already had and some super easy DIY (a few of our friends even asked where we bought the outfit – WIN). Then a few weeks later, I had the opportunity to do a fun run at Walt Disney World. A small group of us decided to dress as different Star Wars characters and I was able to make use of our easy DIY Darth Vader shirt once again! DIY Darth Vader runDisney outfitFor the runDisney Star Wars costume version, I just went with the DIY Vader shirt, some fun DIY Dark Side Mickey Ears (tutorial coming soon), and black workout leggings – a cape and mask just seemed a little too hot for the muggy Florida weather. But, for a full costume (whether for Halloween or a Star Wars party like we had), you’ll need a few more pieces. We happened to already have a Darth Vader mask & cape as part of a kids costume set. But, you can find those pieces rather inexpensively on Amazon (affiliate links).

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Darth Vader Shirt Directions

Darth Vader Duct Tape ShirtMaking the shirt really couldn’t be easier! And, so far, it’s held up well (though I don’t think it’s going to hold up in the wash). To start, find a picture of Darth Vader online and use it as your guide. Then, have the person put on the long-sleeved black shirt. Start by placing the chest armor stripes on the shirt (using the visual guide and how the shirt fits). I did one strip of chrome duct tape and cut the bottom of each piece to give it some shape. Then, I measured the size that I thought the chest control box should take up. On the cutting mat then, I cut pieces of duct tape to resemble the control box. That I put on the shirt without it on. We stuck the tape pieces on and then really pressed down everything well on a flat surface to help it stick. SO inexpensive & easy. By no means some elaborate cosplay costume, but it definitely got the job done! Simple DIY Darth Vader costumeIf you’re a wanting a full Vader look, then you’ll want the black pants, gloves, mask, cape, shoes, etc. But, if you’re doing a runDisney costume, then the shirt is really all you need. You could make it more girly with a fun black sparkle skirt or black tutu. Then, team up with a friend to be a stormtrooper with you! Dark Side Star Wars CostumesFor our fun run, we ran from the Yacht Club into an empty Epcot at sunrise. We finished things up in the Butterfly Garden all thanks to GoGoSqueez! The Force was definitely with us! Now, a Star Wars runDisney event is definitely on my bucket list! Star Wars Run Disney CostumesFor details on all the other fun, DIY Star Wars running costumes pictured above, be sure to check out all the links below. We’ve got Han & Chewy, Imperial Forces, and droids all represented! 🙂

And, for even more Star Wars costume fun, you might enjoy our Star Wars family costumes! DIY Family Star Wars Costumes

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