Disney’s Big Hero 6 DIY Baymax Ornament

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Disney's Big Hero 6 DIY Baymax OrnamentHave you seen Disney’s Big Hero 6 yet? If not, you can read our Big Hero 6 review here! The movie just won the box office in its opening weekend debut and Baymax (the friendly health care companion robot) has found his way into the hearts of many, our boys included. Baymax really is such a great character. So, I couldn’t resist having a bit of crafty fun and creating a little Baymax ornament for our tree! DIY Baymax OrnamentThat little plain white ornament was practically begging to become Baymax! 😉 And, the whole project was SO easy to make! We’re talking a true “quick craft” here – 5-10 minutes at most.

Here’s what you need:

  • an all-white ornament (I got this porcelain one at Michaels)
  • scissors
  • a fine point black paint pen
  • Baymax template
  • glue/adhesive

The whole process was SO easy! First up, you just need to resize the Baymax template (originally for pumpkin carving). That can be down in printer settings by scaling down the image…or by taking a screenshot and resizing in a word file. I ended up with the width of the eyes being about 1.5″. The size you want it will depend on the size of the ornament. Alternately, you could just free-hand his eyes on, but I wasn’t confident in my painting abilities! 😉  DIY Disney's Baymax CraftSo I cut out the template and my plan was to trace around it with my fine-tip marker. But, actually, I decided to just glue the cut template onto the ornament. SO SUPER easy! To make it look more finished, I colored in the black areas with the marker! That’s it!!! This is a craft anyone can do and the end result is SO cute! Disney's Big Hero 6 Baymax OrnamentWould your kids enjoy a Baymax ornament?

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