Disney Frozen’s “Let it Go” in 25 Different Languages – Video! #DisneyFrozen

So, it probably comes as no surprise that the Disney Frozen soundtrack has been THE only music we’ve listened to in the car since Christmas. Seriously all, this is NOT an exaggeration! It’s been on repeat and is the only thing the boys ask to listen to. We can’t get enough…and simply canNOT wait for it to come to DVD on March 18th! We had a fun Disney Frozen themed breakfast and the boys got various Frozen toys for Christmas!  It’s beyond clear that Disney struck gold with this one! And, “Let it Go” might possibly be the best song to come from Disney ever! (It seriously had better win the Academy Award for “Best Original Song”). Elsa from Disney's FrozenSo, if you love this Broadway-caliber song (thank YOU, Idina Menzel) as much as we do, you will LOVE seeing this new multi-language sequence of “Let it Go” that Disney Animation just released! Amazing, I tell you!
When I first listened, I assumed it was Idina singing in all the languages. But, it is NOT! It’s 25 different languages sung by 25 different singers! And, in true Disney fashion, the result in amazing! The boys were fascinated by this. We listened over and over, all while me telling them what every different language & country was. I thought it was perfect too with the Olympics coming up! So much fun!

Now, we just can’t wait for the DVD on March 18th! In the meantime, you can print some of these adorable Disney Frozen activity sheets and coloring pages! Just click the image below to be taken to the free printable downloads. Disney Frozen Printable Actvities & Coloring Pages

What is YOUR favorite song from Disney’s Frozen? 


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