Disney Big Hero 6 Party {Decor, Food, & Activity Ideas}

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CB-sponsored-post-white-script-600Disney Big Hero 6 PartyEver since seeing Disney’s Big Hero 6 in theaters, the boys have been asking when we can watch it at home! They absolutely loved the movie! So, needless to say, they were SO excited when Baymax & friends hit store shelves on DVD! And, thanks to a campaign for the #BigHero6Release with #CollectiveBias, we threw a whole Big Hero 6 party! Whether you’re prepping for a birthday party or just a fun movie night, these Big Hero party ideas are sure to be a BIG hit!

Big Hero 6 Party Decor

Big Hero 6 Party DecorFor the decor, I started with a red, black, and white color scheme (with a little accent of purple thrown in).  I wanted to highlight all the members of the Super 6, so I knew that Big Hero 6 poster would be a great backdrop. Then, I used some of the free Big Hero 6 party printables from Disney (<—click to see options & download). The printable banners were perfect for adding some fun decor to the backdrop.

Balloon Baymax CenterpieceWe LOVE Baymax, so creating fun decor to highlight everyone’s favorite inflatable robot was definitely in order. Our balloon Baymax made for a nice centerpiece (you can get all the directions for that in this post here —> DIY Balloon Baymax). Isn’t he just so cute?! Everyone loved seeing Baymax on the table! Then, all the food was themed and helped to tie everything together.

Big Hero 6 Party Food

Disney's Big Hero 6 Party FoodIf you’ve been a reader of the blog long, you know I love making themed fun food for parties. And, this one was no different! Here’s the Big Hero 6 themed movie night party menu:

  • Healthcare Companion-Approved Snacks (fresh veggies)
  • Aunt Cass’ Wings (boneless chicken wings)
  • Microbot parts (black olives)
  • Power Up Punch (100% Juice Boxes wrapped with paper & printable labels)
  • Baymax pizza (cheese pizza with black olives)

Big Hero 6 Baymax PizzaThe Baymax pizzas were SUCH a hit! SUPER easy to make with cut black olives and cheese pizza! I made one larger Baymax pizza for the adults and then individual english muffin Baymax pizzas for the kids. I posted a quick how-to video on Instagram. Fun & tasty!!BigHero6PartyThen, we had an assortment of a fun movie treats as well! My personal favorite was the Big Hero 6 candy bar! The heroes’ special gadgets lent themselves well to do some fun themed treats! Big Hero 6 Candy Bar

  • Honey Lemon’s Chem Balls (SweetTarts Mini Chewies)
  • GoGo’s Electromagnetic Discs (Wonka Chewy Spree)
  • Fred’s Frie Breathers (Hot Tamales)
  • Wasabi’s Plasma Blades (Chewy Fruit Slices)

Then of course, popcorn is in order for a movie party. I filled an empty Red Vines tub with already popped popcorn. Then, using a black painter’s pen, I colored in Baymax’s eyes on the tub. So, we ended up with a large Baymax popcorn tub! So fun! Baymax PopcornWe also had Baymax OREO Cookie Pops (<– click for recipe directions). They were easy to make and made a great dessert treat! I don’t have a pop stand, so I decided to put them in some red solo cups (works well since Baymax’s armor is red). To help them stand up where I wanted them, I filled the cups with the Red Vines first. It worked great…and everyone enjoyed the licorice too! Big Hero 6 Movie SnacksThe Baymax cookie pops and all the treats were a big hit with the kids! Such a fun group of boys! BigHero6PartyFun

Big Hero 6 Party Activities

To add to the party fun, we got a flying Baymax & Hiro toy!! It looked great on the party table for some decor, but all the boys loved playing with it. So there was a lot of outside play with Baymax & Hiro before dinner! Flying Baymax toyOnce dinner was over & the sun went down, we moved the party inside. I printed off a whole bunch of Big Hero 6 coloring pages (<—click to download) and put them on our coffee table. The kids happily colored while watching the movie! We also made the cutest fingerprint Baymax bookmarks! Big Hero 6 Coloring Pages Big Hero 6 Movie NightOur Big Hero 6 party was SO much fun – a perfect way to spend an evening with friends!!

Host your own Big Hero 6 party!

To host your own Big Hero 6 party, you’ll definitely want to start by picking up a copy of the movie on DVD! We purchased our copy at Walmart! I highly recommend the Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray/DVD + Gift With Purchase Set! Not only do you get the fun bonus DVD, but your purchase of the Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray/DVD + Gift With Purchase Set includes a digital movie on Vudu while supplies last! Simply scan your receipt using the Savings Catcher in the Walmart app. Then look for a message on your phone or email. Now you can watch Big Hero 6 on any device!

You can also find all kinds of fun Big Hero 6 merchandise from Walmart.com! We ordered the fun character poster and the flying Baymax toy from there!

You can find other great Big Hero 6 Party resources & printables in these posts:

What Big Hero 6 party ideas do you love?

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  1. Wow, I think any guest, robot, boy, girl, young, or old would have a blast at this party, you really went all out! The cookie pops are so adorable I think I’m going to have to make them too! #client

  2. Love your theme party. One question, where did you get the wasabi green chewy candies for your theme candy table? I’ve been looking for them everywhere.

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      They’re just fruit slices. I found mine in a tub at Walmart – they came in a variety of colors and I just picked out the green!

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