Dinosaur Tracks Matching Activity

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As part of our “Dinosaur Day” (the one where we had a dinosaur muffin tin lunch) we did a dinosaur tracks matching activity! With our plethora of plastic dinosaurs around the house, it was SUPER easy to do!

To make a dinosaur tracks matching activity of your own, here’s what you’ll need:

Just 3 supplies: paper, paint, and plastic dinosaurs!

We had 3 preschoolers participating, so I had a paper for each of them. I decided to have 3 different sets of tracks on each paper (you could adjust the number for the age & skill level of your kiddos). So, I used 9 dinosaurs–all with different gaits & track patterns. After deciding which dinosaurs would be used for each paper, I then painted the dino’s feet (a stamp pad would probably work too)!

Stamp down those painted feet on the paper multiple times, forming track patterns (some of the dinosaurs worked better than others, so just keep in mind that you might not get “perfect” tracks).  Continue doing this with all the dinosaurs, then wash off your dinos’ feet and let the papers dry.  Then, you’ll have papers with dinosaur tracks.

To do the activity, I put all 9 dinosaurs in the middle of the table, where all the kids could reach. Then, they had to try to figure out what dinosaurs might have made the tracks on their papers and then match them up. It’s great for building their logical reasoning and matching skills! 🙂

Stay tuned for another fun activity with plastic dinosaurs, coming soon! 🙂

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