Dinosaur Muffin Tin Meal

Yay! After a WAY too long time, I finally have a new muffin tin meal post! 🙂 We just had a super fun Dinosaur-theme playdate (more on that to come), so the kiddos HAD to have dinosaur muffin tin meals for lunch! 🙂

Here’s the spread from left to right (clockwise): stegosaurus cheese crisp, dino chicken nuggets, lava (ketchup), dinosaur trees (what we often call broccoli around here anyway), tar pits (chocolate pudding with crushed cookies), dinosaur eggs (grapes).
The kids LOVED their dinosaur lunch and all of our dino activities–I’ll be sharing those over the next week or two, so stay tuned for those! It was a special treat for them to all eat together while watching one of the “Little Foot” movies! And, all the moms were pleased that even though they did dive right into the “tar pits”, there was still consumption of dinosaur trees! 🙂

As always, for LOTS of muffin tin meal inspiration visit Muffin Tin Mom!



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