Cute Handwashing Printable for Kids!

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This cute handwashing printable post is sponsored by Softsoap®. Handwashing PrintableThere’s so much to enjoy in the fall and winter seasons – the cooler air after a hot summer, snowmen, hot cocoa, fun holidays, the start of a new year. But, there is another season that happens during this time that is NOT so fun: cold & flu season. Bleck! It’s definitely not my favorite and I try to do everything in my power as mom to keep it from sweeping through the house! Plus, Mr. Mom Endeavors is a college professor, holding a PhD in immunology/virology. He knows all too much about different “germs” and is therefore a BIG proponent of handwashing! Really, washing your hands often is the BEST way to protect your family throughout the cold & flu season. handwashing-for-kidsSo, I’m ALL for getting rid of those nasty bugs through handwashing! We keep an assortment of Softsoap® Liquid Hand Soap in the bathrooms, ready to help wash those germs down the drain! And though the kids love to pump soap, they still sometimes forget to wash their hands. So I thought I’d make a fun reminder for their bathroom with a cute handwashing printable! It’s perfect during cold/flu season and good reading practice too for my early readers – a win-win!
Cute Handwashing PrintableI love the way it turned out! If you’d like a copy for your bathroom, all you need to do is print out your own copy (it’s free for personal use) and put it in a 8×10 frame! For the best results, I recommend printing on matte photo paper or card stock with the printer sent to it’s best/photo settings. Then, just trim off some excess white before putting it in your 8×10 frame. Super easy!

Get your free printable by clicking here: handwashing printable for kids

kids-bathroom-printableSo, enjoy your handwashing printable and stock up on some Softsoap® Liquid Hand Soap! No matter your preferences and style, there’s a Softsoap® Liquid Hand to help keep your family’s hands clean! Hopefully posting this new handwashing sign will help encourage kids to wash hands properly, so they never miss out on an adventure during cold & flu season.

Stay healthy and Happy Winter!

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