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Here’s to saving time and money this back-to-school season. We’re thrilled to partner with Amazon on the “Happy School Year” campaign to bring you these back-to-school ideas! School Supplies from Amazon

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Back-to-School Shopping

With “Back-to-School” season in full swing, shopping is a must! Is it something you enjoy or something you loathe? I tend to hear a little bit of both from fellow parents and friends. While I love some good school/office supplies and great deals, I don’t always like the craziness that seems to occur when we head out to the stores. And that’s where Amazon comes in SO handy! We’ve been an Amazon Prime member for years because we LOVE the convenience (and all the other perks). So, it’s a brilliant way to do back-to-school shopping. And that’s why I was thrilled to partner with Amazon on their  Happy School Year – to help us ALL breathe a little easier this time of year!

Happy School Year

To keep things extra easy for YOU, Amazon put together a Happy School Year page, with everything you might need for back-to-school shopping in one convenient place! There may even be a few fun things that you hadn’t considered, but would come in handy during the school year. Here’s a sample of some of the fun finds you’ll see there to help make back-to-school shopping easy! Happy School Year Supplies

All the School Supplies Needed! 

So whether you need basic school supplies, after school snacks, supplemental materials and fun educational games, back to school lunch supplies, or even some back to school electronics, Amazon’s Happy School Year page really does have you covered! You can get any assortment of products you need to help the household get back into a routine with the new school schedule. Using Amazon to help with school shopping is also PERFECT for those crazy “forgotten” items or “new” supply requests that sometimes pop-up during the 1st week of school. We experience that this year with Big Brother and junior high. It was a WHOLE different back-to-school shopping experience in that we didn’t really get a list like you do with elementary school. Instead, different teachers had completely different required supplies – some of which we didn’t find out about until after the 1st or 2nd day. Amazon Prime to the rescue. We were able to place orders and have what we needed often within 24 hours. Everything we needed in one spot, all ordered from the comfort of home.Back to School SuppliesNow THAT is school shopping made easy! Here’s to a Happy School Year!

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