Creative Estates: My “Takeaways”

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The schedule at Creative Estates was great! The only downside was having to choose between sessions!  So many great women to hear!
We listened, talked, tweeted, crafted, practiced photography and got some great advice!

Here are some of my major “takeaways”:
  •  Be Authentic. Remember, there is no competition to be you–you are the only one who can be you (or your blog) and there’s no need to compete with anyone. Besides, “there is enough internet for EVERYONE”! 🙂 
  • Create a like-minded group (some of us AZ ladies have already been talking about this! YAY! Wanna form a group?).
  • Blog your passion & let your personality shine through.
  • If you haven’t, buy your domain NOW! Consider buying the similar site names too (.net, .org, etc.). And, set up all your social media accounts before the name you want is taken (even if you’re not going to use them right now).
  • Have a central notebook to write down all your ideas, inspiration, goals, etc. to free up more creative realestate in your head!
  • Take TONS of photos and train your eye to see the beauty in the mundane. Practice…practice…practice! 
  • Figure out a schedule & try to stick to it.
  •  And, the most important (via Becky Higgins): Be a mom first! Don’t be the mom whose child draws a picture of the back of a head facing a computer screen when asked by their teacher to draw a picture of mom. 🙁 

Another major takeaway for me was that other bloggers, yes even the “BIG” blogging celebrities, are regular ladies and totally approachable. I loved meeting each and every one! And, love some of the tips and advice they gave to me! (In case you missed it, you can see some of the wonderful ladies I met here).

Have YOU met any online friends/bloggers “in real life”?

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