Cornucopia of Creativity: Thanksgiving Muffin Tin Lunch {Lillian McKay Designs}

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Today’s Cornucopia of Creativity post is perfect for the kiddos! If you’ve been reading Mom Endeavors for awhile, then you know I LOVE muffin tin meals! In fact, last year, I made a Thanksgiving-themed one! And, now, Samantha is here with another adorable Thanksgiving-themed idea & every food has some fun Thanksgiving significance!


Hello Mom Endeavors readers!! I’m Samantha from Lillian McKay Designs and I am so excited to do my first guest post for my new blog here on Sara’s blog {she’s really awesome and has the cutest boys ever!}. When Sara told me about her idea of the Cornucopia of Creativity series I thought it sounded like a great idea. Society has a bad habit of jumping right from Halloween to Christmas leaving Thanksgiving in the dark. So I thought it would be a fun to join in and be a part of this great series. Figuring out what I wanted to create didn’t take too much thinking; I knew I wanted to do something with food. So I opted for a muffin tin lunch for kiddos, to get them in on the celebrating and intrigued about Thanksgiving.

Think your little one would love to have this for lunch? Then, here’s what this Thanksgiving muffin tin themed lunch is made up of…

Plymouth Rock Raspberries {finding a yummy food that looked like a rock was a bit of a challenge}

Turkey Shaped Turkey Slices {Cookie cutter was found on clearance, check Target out they have Thanksgiving stuff already marked down.}

Cornucopia Chips {aka Bugles chips}

Pilgrim Hat Cookie {Click here to see how I made them}

Indian Feather Apple Slices {I carved lines into the outside edge of the apple wedge to create the feather detail}

Leaf Cheese Slices {after I used the cookie cutter I went back and carved the vines in the leaves, just like the apples}

That’s it–A Thanksgiving Themed Muffin Tin Lunch! 🙂

Thanks Sara for hosting this great series to help make Thanksgiving feel special! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I’d love to have you stop by and say hi!

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