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Welcome to the first post in the Cornucopia of Creativity Series here on Mom Endeavors! Now that we’ve moved on from all things Halloween, it’s time to focus on Thanksgiving for awhile! Stores and the blogosphere alike seem to sort of jump straight from Halloween to all things Christmas! So, I decided to give Thanksgiving a little time to shine with the Cornucopia of Creativity Series! The series will run over the course of the next two weeks or so and I have some GREAT guest posters lined up for you! We’ll have an abundance of all kinds of creative Thanksgiving ideas (recipes, decor, crafts, traditions, etc.) and we’re kicking things off today with my friend, Katie!…


Hi there lovely Mom Endeavors readers! I’m Katie from Sweet Rose Studio and I am so honored that Sara has asked me to be here as part of the Cornucopia of Creativity series! In case you don’t already know, Miss Sara is over on my blog today sharing one of her ideas for my Holiday Handmade series that kicked off yesterday. After you’re done reading here, I’d love to have come on over and check her post!

Now down to business! It seems to me that Halloween and Christmas get the bulk of fun decor ideas and Thanksgiving typically gets pretty left out of the loop. I wanted to make something that was quick, easy, inexpensive, but still managed to make an impact when displayed. Banners and bunting are all the rage right now, so I decided to take my own twist on the phenomenon. I present to you my Gobble Gobble Banner!

Cute, right? And I promise it’s everything I’d hoped it would be!


turkey and letter die-cuts * colored twine * hot glue gun & glue

small hole punch * scissors

Side note: I used my Silhouette to cut out the letters and turkeys, but you could use pre-cut ones you can find at any craft or scrapbook store.

1. Using the hole punch, punch a small hole at the top of each letter and turkey. Make sure to allow enough space at the top so it isn’t too thin, making it more susceptible to breaking. Mine holes are about 1/2 in. down.

2. Using the twine, carefully string it through each turkey and letter in whatever order you’d like. I had a hard time deciding if I wanted each word a single color or if I should mix up the colors. The perfectionist in me had to have all of the colors matching in the long run, but I think the other way would be fun too! When they’re all strung on and spaced out as you’d like, put a small, like super small, dab of hot glue under the twine to hold each letter in it’s place.

3. When all of the letters and turkeys are glued and spaced the way you’d like, *then* cut the end of the twine. If you cut it before this step, you might end up with too little or end up wasting extra twine on the end.

Voila! A perfectly fun and festive Thanksgiving banner with a little fall table decor to match.

Thanks again to Sara for having me! You can also find me on the Sweet Rose Studio Facebook Page, Twitter, and Pinterest. I’d love to have you come visit and say hi!

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