Cornucopia of Creativity: DIY Thanksgiving Bath Toys {Chica Ramblings}

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We’re a week in & I hope you all are enjoying all the fabulous ideas as part of the Cornucopia of Creativity Series thus far! Today’s post comes from one of my BlogHer #MomMob cohorts! 🙂 Karen is sharing a fun way to celebrate with the kiddos, by making Thanksgiving bath toys! Enjoy!


Hi! <– Waving to all Mom Endeavor Readers!! My name is Karen and Chica Ramblings is my 2nd blog, a place for me to share random thoughts, parenting stories and my DIY/creative attempts at home! I feel quite honored that Sara is letting me share my frugal Thanksgiving project with you as part of the Cornucopia of Creativity series!

I decided to make a Thanksgiving art project that the boys could play with! After some research and thought, I ended up making Thanksgiving bath toys using simple craft foam.

This could potentially be free for crafty moms with extra craft foam stashed away! I am not a crafty mom, so I had none. I bought a variety pack at the Dollar Tree for $1 (duh!) and single sheets of black and brown for $0.89 at Michaels.

Then, I found simple Thanksgiving images online to use. Simple being important since you will be cutting the shapes out!  I copied, cropped and pasted them into a word document. After playing with the sizes, I printed out my Thanksgiving shapes.

Finally, I used my templates to cut the fun Thanksgiving shapes from the craft foam! And that’s it!! Easy peasy! I did all of this myself, but depending upon the age of your child and their scissor skills they could also help make these!

I naturally made 2 of everything to prevent possible battles when the boys share a bath!

Now my boys can decorate the bath tub and we can discuss the different shapes, what they are and their importance while playing!I spent under $3 for my project and am pretty happy with the simplicity of it and the results! Plus I have plenty of craft foam left for another project! Christmas Bath Toys, anyone?

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  1. Pardon me as I say OMG. What a cute frugal idea. I would have never thought to use the foam for that. We have boon foam shapes that cost a pretty penny. We have tons of foam that cost just a few cents. Now I can make some ABC bath toys with my cricut. Thanks for sharing.

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